Easy way to take care of shorthair

Taking care of hair is becoming the regular task of women. It is now as important as the taking care of skin because when your hair looks beautiful, it makes you beautiful too. However, not every kind of hair has the same ways in maintaining hair. The more specific method would lead to better result. So today article would show you some golden and easy ways to take care of your beloved hair.

Of course there are also many styles of shorthair from close crops to extreme bobs, but we would bring you the ultimate tips to keep them always shining, healthy and beautiful.

Clearly, when we look at a girl in shorthair, we always find a powerful energy in her. Her activeness in combination of attractiveness is the best impression from shorthair girl. But how do we keep this brilliantly beautiful shorthair always in good state? Stay close because you would find out right now.

  1. Don’t comb your short hair to much regularly

The first and foremost advantage of short hair in comparison with long hair is that it doesn’t need to be brushed much. And it is not likely to tangle like long hair. In the result, you don’t need to struggle every time you brush your hair. So we suggest you should just use your bare hands gently. Be patient flip your fingers through your hair then it would be fluent again.

May be you do not know that your hands are the better tool than a brush. You would know when to use you strength or when to be gentle to solve the tangle rather than the brush. Of course hands could not work out effectively in long hair.

  1. Use the hair products as less as possible

Your shorthair doesn’t need as much product as long hair does especially heated products like flat irons, curling irons and drying staffs. All these heated products would burn your shorthair if you use them in daily basis. So consider carefully if you have intension to put on any heated products in your short natural hair.

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But if using heated products are inevitable, we suggest you use some heat-protectant spray. They are very good in sealing themselves around the cuticle when you apply heat to your hair. The damaging would be incredibly reduced.

  1. Trim your hair regularly

The first purpose of trimming hair is to keep your shorthair always in good shape like the origin. Your hair grows very quick about half an inch a month and in natural way. They would not grow follow to the old path like your hair styles so trimming it regularly would maintain your hair style perfectly.

We suggest you should go for a trim at least every three weeks

Another purpose is to strengthen your hair. Trimming regularly also make your hair grow stronger and thicker and healtier.

So these are three very easy and basic ways to taking care ò your lovely shorthair. Hope you find it useful.

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