3 Rules to Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Hair extensions become more and more popular in the nice girls’ world. Now we will share with you some significant rules you need to know before using hair extensions.

  1. Consider your lifestyle.

“We have three different types of hair extensions,” says Thornton. “The entry level—the gateway drug—is our clip-ins.” Those are most popular with beginners since they’re so user-friendly. Essentially barrettes with hair attached, they can be clipped in or out whenever you’d like.

The second option is tape extensions; those are held in place with strong, invisible bi-adhesive premium tape that’s undetectable to the touch; they last for up to eight weeks. The third choice is keratin. They’re attached with a high-tech process that binds them with sound activation and keratin attachments; they last for three months or more. “If you do a lot of hot yoga, the tape is not a good option—the keratin is a better,” explains Thornton. “If you want to change your color often, opt for the tape because the keratin is in there a long time. We really have our stylists assess clients’ lifestyles; if they wear glasses they know where to put the extensions. There’s lot of little things and that’s what makes it a special experience when they come in.”

  1. Get the right color match.

Being off even by a shade is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing faux hair. The most accurate way is to color match with the ends of your locks, not the roots, and go with the color that’s the most prominent in your natural hair. “What makes RPZL’s hair different than many of the other brands is that most women don’t have one shade of hair,” Thornton says. “They tend to be mixed, so our colors are blended for the most part. That’s what really allows us to be able to color match someone on the spot.” You can upload a selfie onto RPZL’s site and one of their stylists will color match your hair and mail the extensions.

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  1. Splurge on quality.

Synthetic extensions are the most affordable, but they tangle easily and have a super high shine, which makes them look obviously unnatural. And non-virgin hair means it’s been processed—either dyed or treated to change its texture—so it’s also not ideal, since it’s more damaged. Remy extensions are the highest quality. They’re the closest to your real hair, so they’ll hold styles and texture the same way and won’t shed as much as the cheaper options. “Our hair is a proprietary line, so we’ve developed it ourselves,” Thornton says. “It’s 100%

Remy hair, which is really important because our goal is for you not to look like you’re wearing fake hair. Someone should not be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions.” Thornton says a key to having natural-looking extensions is making sure the hair cuticles are all facing the same way to prevent tangles and matting. For clip-ins, look for a silicone cushion on the clips to prevent tangles and breakage.

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