The movie “What’s wrong with secretary Kim?” is attracting a lot of public attention not only by the attractive content but also by the beautiful office fashion of Secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young). Besides, her ponytail also contributes to her radiant beauty. Find out how she gets such a beautiful ponytail!

  1. Keep a little bangs

Leaving a few front right bangs will not only help you cover your hairline, but also make you look younger, not too serious like the style of this hairstyle. Do not let your bangs get too thick, you just need to leave a thin bangs, it is well enough to make a highlight for your hair.


  1. Create the bulge on middle part

When tie the hair up, it is often flattened to the head, which looks very lackluster. In order to help the hair not flatten, do not forget to rush up the hair roots.

All you need is a round comb and dryer. You can also make tangle the hair inside a bit to create extra thick hair.

  1. Tie the first half and then tie the entire hair

With thin hair, the half-tethered hair will create a bulge for this hairstyle.

First, you tie the hair on the first half with thin strings.

Then tie the hair a long with the rest part with the thicker rubber band.

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Only with very simple steps, your ponytail will be higher, and looks thicker.

  1. Use a small hairpin on the tied position

It is not easy to have a high ponytail tied up on your head. If it is not hung up carefully, the hair is easy to slip down, causing uncomfortable and making you look older. You have to keep your hair steady if you do not want to continuously tie it again, causing your hair to get tangle.

Hair pin is a small but powerful accessory. It has a lot of effects, and is an indispensable accessorie for ponytail.

After you have tied your hair, use two or three hairpins to support the elastic band, so your ponytail will naturally rise up.

And do not forget to bend or make a little curl on the bottom of the hair, your hair will be full of vitality and look fuller.

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