As we know, to choose the right hairstyle for the face is not easy, especially for long face.

With long face, you need to choose the hairstyle that can help keep the beauty of the face and help the face look more harmonious. Therefore, some hairstyles such as diagonal or hair claw will be extremely smart choice for you because this beautiful hairstyles will help create the balance in both length and width of the face.

In addition, if you want your face to look fuller and more alive, light curls will also be a perfect hair for you. Below are some beautiful male hairstyles that you can choose to make your face more harmonious, especially suitable with Vietnamese hair.

  1. Trimmed hair

This beautiful Korean hairstyle is favored by a lot of young people because of its youthful, and extremely romantic that has fluttered the hearts of many girls at first sight. This hairstyle is not too fancy with the back of the neck and the cross-section is cut to create a focal point for the face.

  1. Korean curly hair

Twist to form a balance for a long face to look more round and attractve. With a layer-pruning feature combined with a slight curl will help you to create a perfectly balanced face.

In addition, you can combine this hairstyle with beautiful dyed hair color to create the impression and unique for yourself as well as attractive individuality.

  1. Claw hair

When choosing this hairstyle for a long face, the length of the hair should not be too long because it will cause your face to lose the balance. You should have a medium hair length combined with gel styling to have a perfect claw hair. Sure, you will feel more satisfied when looking more personal and stronger with this hairstyle.

  1. Hairstyles with flat bangs

Having your bangs trimmed will help your face to look fuller and shoter when it covers almost your forehead. This hairstyle will bring you the most youthful when enjoying wonderful time with friends.

  1. Thin hairstyles

This new and unique hairstyle is loved by young people because of its nature, improvisation and youthful. You can combine this hair with a flat bangs to cover up your face, creating a more perfect and balanced face.

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