5 choices Curly Remy Hair Extensions for perfect beauty

Curly hairstyle is never out of date for girls. With curly texture, your hair will look thicker and healthier. If you are now seeking for curly hair extensions, curly Remy hair extensions from Vietnamese Hair will be the wisest choice for you.

Here are the top best Remy curly hair extensions you may want to try:

Vietnam Curly Hair Extensions Dark Brown Color Hair


These curly hair extensions are made from-high-standard Vietnamese human hair.  It’s is well known for its soft, smooth and glamorous hair strands. Moreover, these curly hair extensions Remy give you the feel and look like your own natural hair. The strong point of these Remy human hair extensions curly is their sizes are range from 12 inches to 30 inches so that you can pick the one that fits your height with proper hair volume. These products are also easily-carried and not bring you a fake effect while using.


– Brand name: Vietnamese hair

– Color: #1b, #1, #2

– Length: 6 to 32 inches

– Style: Machine weft curl

– Original: 100% Remy hair


– Make Clip in and hair extensions.

– Treat it the same way as you do with your natural hair: wash, dry, dye, bleach…

– Provide longer and fuller hair

Clip in Curly Hair Extensions


Among many options for hairstyle, Clip in curly hair extensions always is your first pick. If you are finding a solution for thin hair,  curly Remy clip in hair extensions will give a chance to get back the most bouncy and thickest hair shape and show off your beautiful personality. Moreover, these products work well with ponytails hairstyles, which offer the dimensional effect while styling this one.

Clip in curly hair extensions is perfect for hanging out or daily life use. This curly Remy clip in hair extensions is stable during the day without changes.

Clip in curly hair extensions also varies in size and color to suit your overlook and personality. So you can pick the most perfect one for yourself, we can change the length, volume, and color in the way you wish.

Clip in Curly Hair Extensions


– Brand name: Vietnamese Hair

– Color: Natural color #1b, ( you can bleach and dye, also available in other colors)

– Length: 6 inches to 32 inches

– Weight: 100 grams/set ( the number of Clip in Curly Hair Extensions can be ordered by customers)

– Style: Single stitched weft

– Original: 100% Human hair extensions, Texture: Curly


– Easy to style with ponytails for a gorgeous look

– Can  be dyed and bleached

– Add the illusion of volume to hair

Black and Blonde Curly Lace Front Wig


There is no doubt that black and blonde curly lace front wig is one of the most perfect curly Remy hair extensions. It has strong and healthy hair strands plus with no shedding or frizzy. This type of Remy curly hair extensions is certainly a hi-end product.

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With the color of blond, you will get the most stylish lace front wig ever. Additionally, Vietnamese Hair also is the best provider of not only blonde curly lace front wig but also black curly lace front wig made from Remy human hair, which will meet all of your requirements at affordable price.

 Curly Lace Front Wig


– Color: Blonde, black and white

– Length: from 8 to 30 Inches

– Weight: 200 gram to 300 gram. Also available in other weights as required by customers

– Styles: Lace front wig

– Color: Blonde, black and white

– Original: Vietnam Human Remy hair (only pick from 100% healthy Vietnamese Women)


Offer strong hair locks and hard to  fall out

Wash with shampoo and clean water only, apply coconut oil for more care

Fit both men and women.

Can easily take off very frequently

Virgin Remy lace frontal Curly Hair Toppers Extensions


Curly Hair Toppers Extensions of  Vietnamese Hair are collected from 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian Remy human hair. These are famous among those who are suffered from hair loss or baldness. It will add more volume to fine hair with curly shape, cover your hair loss area with thick layers and give you the gorgeous and natural look.

If you want to draw attention from your crush or other people, this Virgin Remy lace closure Curly Hair Toppers Extensions will be a wise choice for you.

Virgin Remy lace frontal Curly Hair Toppers Extensions


– Brand name: Vietnamese Hair

– Color: Blonde, jet black, dark brown, light brown, ombre color – the hot trend right now

– Length: from 6 – 32 inches

– Style: Hair toppers

– Original: Vietnamese Hair and Cambodian hair

– Texture: variety


– No shedding or tangle

– Use when doing daily activities (go swimming, go to the gym…)

– Not easy to slip out

16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair


Cambodian Curly Hair Weave from Vietnamese Hair is always the best Remy curly hair extensions on the market nowadays, Our Cambodian Hair products are the most high quality with long life expectancy.

You might not know that Cambodian hair is genuinely healthy and beautiful with strong and shiny strands. And 16 inches is the most ideal length to apply Cambodian Curly Hair Weave. Not too short or too long, just right in the middle, it will bring you a fully voluminous look.

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16 Inches Curly Weave Cambodian Hair


– Brand name: Vietnamese Hair

– Length: 16 Inch Weave; also available in other lengths 6-32 Inches

– Weight: 100gram

– Style: Cambodian Hair Curly

– Hair Color: Available in natural color 1b and grey, 2,3,4,6,8,12,27,30,35

– Original: Cambodia ( from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)


– Naturally thick and strong

– Nan stay over an extended period


Style your hair with curly Remy hair extensions will never let you down. If you wonder to know where can find the high-quality Remy human hair extensions curly shade, Vietnamese Hair is proud to be the most trustworthy suppliers!

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