Some basic knowledge about hair extension


Hair extension is a popular hair accessory used by girls. Here’s everything you need to know about the product

What are the different types of hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy, and temporary do it yourself approach to achieving longer and fuller hair, with no long-term bonding, pain, or damage to your hair. They are easily affixed and can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair to create length, emphasize volume, or even to add highlights to your natural hair.

These extensions are applied using snap on clips without need professional help to stick them in so you can easily pick and choose when to wear them. You can also decide how thick you want to make your barnet. This is also a long-lasting option, as you can keep hold of the tresses as long as you look after them.

Clip in Vietnam human hair extension mix color 18 inches

Tape Hair extensions

Special hair tape is used for extensions that are bonded to the hair for up to ten weeks. After they have been applied, it’s important not to wash your mop for three days to prevent the adhesive losing its tackiness. Although you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of clipping these strands in every day, you cannot remove them for two weeks if you decide you don’t like them. Some hair experts are also concerned that the taping process can cause damage to your hair.

Tape Vietnam human hair extensions 24 inches


This method, also known as hair integration, can be used to add length and fullness. It can be completed using bonding, fusion or micro rings. For bonded extensions, the strands are sewn in under a layer of hair. The fused technique glues the individual locks in, which is why the entire process can take more than three hours. Micro rings are sometimes used to attach the tresses, which involves fixing small sections of hair using metal beads or hoops.


Weaves Vietnam human hair extensions

Are hair extensions made from human hair?

Customers can choose synthetic or real hair. Hair extension from real hair such as Vietnam human hair products costs more than synthetic hair. Using false strands is cheaper, but actually those products can’t remain for a long time. Also fake hair is always having common problems such as tangle or hair loss.

How to take care of your hair extension?

Hair extension can’t avoid being ruined by a variety of factors. It is the fact that there are a lot of outside factors such as smoke, dirt, chemical,… and inside factors coming from clients themselves for not knowing how to keep their hair extension, which will have impact on your hair and your hair extension as well.

The amount of time you can keep extensions in depends on how you care for them. Like your natural hair, you should wash it gently; using suitable brushing and hair shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair stay for a long time. Also, you need to hold the strands at the root while detangling to avoid breakage.


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