Best celebs hairstyles in New York Fashion Week 2018

Apart from graduations, weddings and other special occasion and events, February is one of the busiest months when the greatest event which all of the beauty lovers must know- New York Fashion Week 2018 occurred. When you’re going to event, sometimes you need a little hair-spiration, so in this blog post, MCSARA is turning to some of our favorite celebs who attended in New York Fashion Week 2018 to bring you some adorable and gorgeous references for your natural hairstyle transformation.

It is worth spending your time to seriously check them out if you want to have a better overall look.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez must be a strongest evidence for the thought “simple is the best” which is still appropriate over the years. Being confident giving a smile as beautiful as daisy in front of the camera, Selena Gomez chose for her own a simple hairstyle with long brown blondes, which slightly fits with her face shape. She looks great and stunning event if the hair seems like to be not as vivid as others.

That kind of natural hair can be listed in your highly recommended human hair style list of this year for you. Adding with an elegant dress, you would look like a princess getting out of a fairy tale.

Anna Wintour & Cardi B

When looking at this picture, I had to shout out “wow, what an impressive one”. So eventually what makes this picture as that strong impression? That is the Anna Wintour and Cardi’s hairstyle. Rumour stated that Anna Wintour and her hair have become so attached, that the style icon of a 66-year-old woman won’t start her working day until her familiar blunt bob is chopped, and smoothed into a kind of fixed shape by a stylist.  She is, you can say, totally committed to her hair.

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Cardi B looks incredible in the New York Fashion Week due her clothes and mostly her cool hairstyle.

Maren Morris

With a neatly tucked-up hair, she looks elegant, gentle and supper fascinating. Several curls of her hair fell on her face, which made her look gentler as she has always been. The hair is combined with an equally gentle outfit, her overall look or close look is also great.

Justine Skye

Justine Skye came to the New York fashion week with a light purple hair, her short hair made her look more energetic and active. This hairstyle should also be listed on the list of beautiful hairstyles of the year to give you more options in changing your hairstyle. Because this hairstyle is quite easy to fit with you, whether you have white skin, brown skin, round face or oval one.

If you are interested in any of these above hairstyle, then go head to MCSARA. At MCSARA, you will be consulted to find out your best hairstyle with various types of hair extension we have, you can also have chance to try before-you-buy a wigs to see which shape and style suits your face, and fashion the best.

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