In modern life, more and more people like to change their appearance by having their hair cut. Among many different short hairstyles, short curly hairstyle is always the one which has attracted much of women’s attention. Our post today will bring you some information about best short curly hairstyles for women these days.

  1. Bottom-Heavy Bob

The first hairstyle we want to introduce you is Bottom-Heavy Bob, which is a very special hair for this year. This hairstyle brings us wonderful texture and volume, creating the difference for lots of women around the world.

Bottom- Heavy bob not only expresses the attraction, it also represents a symbol of dynamic character. That is the reason why it is always in the top choices of women these recent years.

  1. Boyish Pixie

Boyish Pixie is specially designed for those who own large and thick curls. This short hairstyle is quite similar to men’s hairstyle. It creates the difference, making you more outstanding in a crowd. In Boyish Pixie, many short-curly hair lines are bent in different directions, which are really eye-catching.

  1. Modern Shag

In general, Modern Shag has some typical characteristics like the traditional shag hairstyle. The traditional shag and the modern one share the similarities of features include: textures, layers, and bangs.

However, in the Modern Shag, we can find the difference in the point that it possesses a modern edge and sleeker look. This is considered to be a very cool hairstyle, which can be applied for all types of curly short hairstyles.

  1. Centered Relaxed Bob

This hairstyle is one of the most simple and popular hairstyle for many women nowadays. It is simple because it consists of a middle part and natural textures for lots of people. And despite the fact that Centered Relaxed Bob is simple, it is still deductive in our daily life.

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  1. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs is also a very favorite hairstyle this year. With thin, curly hairs at the front and thick, short curves at the back, this hairstyle makes you look younger. Baby Bangs creates a very new you, letting you be lovely with a pretty hairstyle.

Above are some typical short curly hairstyles for women. If you want to have a completely change in your appearance, try with one of these short curly hairstyle. We love to be with you in the way to find a perfect beauty.

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