Best short haircuts for long face

You have a long elegant face, but you are so confused because you don’t know which hairstyles suits you best? You perhaps are advised to try shorthair but there are actually many kinds of short hairstyles that may make you overwhelmed too.

That is the reason why we are here, the following list of short hairstyles would give you a best look at some kinds of most hot-trendy short hair styles.

You would be absolutely surprised after the transformation that short hairstyle make for your face. Each of short hairstyle would bring different charming fashionable appearance. Don’t waste times any more, let’s make the change and impress others.

Easy Straight Pixie Haircut

If you are chasing a style of strong girl or boyish style, easy straight pixie haircut would be your best partner. Boyish style is getting more and more popular all over the world.

All girls who own straight pixie haircut would make a deep impression with the sexiness and elegant. Your long face in combination with straight pixie hair cut would make you look taller and cooler.

You could totally wear this shorting stunning hairstyle in any occasion like birthday party, wedding, homecoming and so on. Everyone would give many envy glances not only because of your attractive appearance but also because you are distinct from the others.

To make the most splendid straight haircut, the stylist would cut your hair with short layers to medium layers to create volumes and lift through the crown. Easy straight pixie hair cut is believed to be one of the hairstyles that are never out of fashion.

Short Cute Wavy Hairstyles

The second short hairstyle that is also popular in Western countries and it is spreading out to many Asia countries. It seems that short cute wavy hairstyles were born for long face.


What special about short cute wavy hair is that all curly strands will be layered throughout the sides and back to make the voluminous hairstyle. You would own hair that look very full and adorable like the model in the picture.

Short cute wavy hair is the best tool to make your long face look younger than your usual look than 2 or 3 years old. To keep your short cute wavy hairstyles longer we suggest that you should use some hairspray to take care of them. Pay attentions to the soft curls and use hairspray for it.

Short hair with long bangs

We call it short hair with long bangs because it has a mane that is longer totally in one side of the face.

Short hair with long bangs seems like a queen in the world of short hair because it brings women with a mysterious appearance. Whenever we look at them we all feel there is something very strong and potential inside them

If you are trying to escape from people’s pre-conception about you, you just have to put on new hairstyles enjoy the difference. We hope you find these three short hairstyles suitable for you in some extents.

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