Among a large number of hair enterprises around the world, MCSARA is always on top in the international market. With decades of experience in the field of hair extensions, we have gotten a certain position not only in Vietnamese market but also in foreign markets like South American market, North American market, European market, African market, etc. It is noteworthy that MCSARA provides customers all over the world with both virgin hair extensions and remy hair extensions which are 100% originated from Vietnam human hair.

Virgin hair refers to the type of hair which is still in its original state. For a larger number of customers who apply hair extensions, Vietnam virgin hair is always the top choice due to its great advantages. For example, it is soft, smooth and shiny; it is unprocessed and intact; it is completely safe for your scalp. Nevertheless, among those customers, many want to dye their virgin hair extensions due to different reasons. For example, some of them decide to dye their virgin hair extensions after a period of use for the purpose of a change in their appearance. Some of them dye their extensions just to match perfectly with their natural hair color. The problem is that many wonder whether Vietnam virgin hair extensions can be dyed or not.

The answer is “Yes”. Anything you can do to your natural hair can be also applied to virgin hair extensions, including cutting, dyeing, bleaching, straightening, curling, ironing and so on. It can be applied to many different types of extensions such as clip in hair extensions, micro-link hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, weave hair extensions, tape hair extensions and wigs. Vietnam virgin hair extensions can be dyed because they have never been chemically treated and styled before, all the hair cuticles are intact and run consistently in the same direction. In fact, many girls wearing Vietnam virgin hair extensions have decided to dye their extensions to get an exact match in order that their own needs can be met.

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Although you can dye your Vietnam virgin hair extensions, you should test a small strand of your extensions first to make sure that your extensions can handle with the coloring process well. If so, it’s ok to dye the rest of your extensions.


Another point for you to keep in mind is that you should try to avoid hair d‎ye which contains harsh chemicals. As proven by a lot of hair experts, strong chemicals can damage your Vietnam virgin hair because its cuticle layer is intact, so it is quite vulnerable. Consequently, strong chemicals have an ability to make your Vietnam virgin hair extensions weak, brittle and lifeless. Therefore, to minimize the risk of damaged hair, it’s better to choose a safe hair dye color.

In brief, you can rest assured because your MCSARA Vietnam virgin hair extensions can be dyed, which gives you a chance to change the way you look as you expect. Hope that the answer will please you.

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