Care for each hair type

You are the one who has dry hair, oily hair, straight or curly hair? With each hair type, you should know clearly how to take care of it in order to achieve a silky, healthy hair. Each hair type requires specific hair care method that you have to learn. Today we will find out more about these different ways in hair care process.

Curly hair

Curly hair is often considered as damaged hair because it undergoes the chemical process. That’s why it is vulnerable and easy to have access to breakage. People who have curly hair should use mild and organic shampoos, which don’t strip your hair of natural oil. Also, never forget to moisture your real hair using conditioner and some kind of essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc. If your hair is sufficiently hydrated, it will look silky and lustrous. When you apply conditioner on your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the cream evenly on your hair. At the same time, you should use cool water while washing and instead of using a towel, use a cotton shirt gently absorb the water on your hair. Don’t rub your hair harsh with a towel, it can probably damage and break your real hair.

Straight hair

The one who owns straight hair, especially, oily scalp must be struggling with this problem for so long. One more reason attributing to this problem is the fact that your straight hair has an ideal environment to be oily because it touches your skin and it will suck the oil on your skin. We have the whole article talking about this problem, so you can take it as a reference. However, to make it short, you should pay attention to your hair cleanness. Wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week and condition it regularly but avoid leave in condition. One more thing is that dry shampoo is your secret weapon to achieve oil free, clean hair for the whole day.

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Dry hair


Dry hair can be gained by over exposure to the sun, swimming pool water, chemical process, etc. They key for this issue is to keep your hair hydrated by using conditioner, essential oils, and masks. Organic hair products are always recommended. At the same time, stay away from heat such as flat iron, curling iron, dry blower, etc. If you have no choice but to use them, turn on the medium or cool mode to make sure they don’t damage your hair even more. Likewise, protect your real hair while swimming or under the sun by using a cap or hat.

Oily hair

If might not know that oily hair can be caused by the scalp massage. If you do it too hard, your scalp will produce even more oil than normal and it will travel down to your hair, making it greasy. But also, don’t try to wash your hair daily to get rid of oil. This thought, on the other hand, makes your scalp even oilier because daily shampooing strip your hair of oil. Pay attention to your diet to make your hair healthy from the inside out.


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