Carrying your hair extensions at home

People have used hair extensions as one of the effective beauty hair tools in recent years. There is the fact that they can purchase at large amount for enhancing their appearance. Some people choose hair salon is the way to get the perfect hairstyle. However, the risk of damaged hair is unavoidable. Therefore, they turn to use hair extensions as the best solutions for beauty hair changing. Besides, when using hair extensions, people usually care about maintaining their hair extensions to make sure that these products in the best conditions.

The first actions people can easily do at home for taking their hair extensions is the egg. Normally, people usually use the entire egg to provide the best condition for the hair. While egg white is used for oily hair treatment, the egg yolks only to use for moisturizing dry hair. The egg can use for human hair extensions, as McSara hair extensions.

You can apply egg mixture directly to your hair and then leaving it for 20 minutes. After that, washing your hair with cool water or added for the total clean. You can flexible use egg to take care of your human hair extensions every two weeks.

Dull hair is one of the concerns of almost users when they apply some kind of hair beauty treatment in the hair salon. Even when applying for human hair extensions as McSara hair extensions, your hair can turn to dull hair if they do not maintain in the right ways.

To avoid the risk of dull hair, sour cream or plain yogurt products are suggested. It is said that lactic acid in these products can gently strip away dirt and the milk fat give moisturizes. All the things you have to do are massage your hair with a half cup of sour cream or plain yogurt. Waiting for 20 minutes and then you can have a healthy hair. Finishing with washing hair clean with warm water or shampoo if need. Your hair can be in healthy and strong for the use of this way every week.

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Lemon works well in treating the itchy scalp which is from your stress, pollution, and poor diet. The mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can repair your hair to the best condition.

The tip for using is mixture olive oil, lemon, and water in the formula 2:2:2 then massaging into damp scalp. Waiting for 20 minutes, then wash hair carefully with shampoo hair. You can apply lemon for every week to get recover your dull hair.

Honey is suggested for taking hair care at home. Research claims that honey brings natural humectant creating an attracted and soft hair.

You need to prepare a half cup of honey for massage your hair damaged and waits for 20 minutes. Honey acts as egg, which can help replenish the keratin protein bonds that sunlight attack. You can apply honey once a month to get a healthier hair.

People can choose the most suitable homemade hair care treatment to gain the healthier and stronger hair.


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