How to deal with oily scalp?

If you have an oily scalp, you can understand how frustrating it can be. Your real hair can feel clean after you wash it, then the next minutes it becomes greasy and dirty.

So what exactly causes this problem? The reason why it happens is sebaceous glands in your scalp produce excess sebum which travels down your hair. Causes of excess sebum can come from your diet, hormonal imbalances, humidity, genes, or something else. So how it can be under managed? It is recommended to use shampoo less. It might sound counterintuitive, but it is true. It can be simply understood as shampoo is the thing that strips your real hair of oil that’s why the more you use it, the more sebum that your scalp produces. As a result, instead of washing your hair daily, do it 3 to 4 times a week. Please keep in mind that when you clean your hair, shampoo it and rinse twice. At the same time, use conditioner to provide your hair with moisture but avoids leave in conditioners and oils. These products will make your hair greasier and also attract dirt in the air. Also, remember that when you skip your shampoo initially, your scalp will probably produce more oils because it needs time to get used to it. But several times later, your scalp will yield less sebum and the situation can be improved. An alternative option is to use dry shampoo. Now dry shampoo can be super helpful. The best way to use dry shampoo is first, brushing your hair, shaking the bottle then keeping it around 10 inches away and misting on the roots. But don’t forget to brush the product evenly after that to prevent hair spray from clogging the pores and even overproducing sebum. Likewise, pay more attention to your daily diet, reduce lipid, increase veggies taking in and drink water sufficiently. It will not only help your scalp but also your skin.


Bonus tips for oily scalp are that you can use your secret weapons which are suitable hairstyles. A messy ponytail, flirty curls or buns will work best on greasy hair. To begin with, spray some dry shampoo on your hair then use your fingers to gather all the hair up into a ponytail. You can use some hairspray to make the ponytail a little messy. The next hairstyle is curly hair. Greasy hair tends to make your hair look flat due to the excess oil, therefore, fluff your hair up with curls will be the best way to deal with that issue. Initially, misting some heat protection product, then wrap your real hair around the curling iron to make the style that you want. Finish off with some hairspray to secure the curls. Lastly, the easiest ones can be high buns, braids, etc. Just simply take all your hair up and make it a neat bun or braid it with various styles can also work but don’t forget to apply some dry shampoo in advance.

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