Difference Between Highlights And Lowlights

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Let’s look at what the most basic techniques of hair coloring—highlights and lowlights—are.

Highlights are areas or strands of hair that are colored a couple of shades lighter than your base shading. The principle motivation behind adding highlights to your hair is to light up the general shade of your hair and add delicateness and measurement to it. The shade of your highlights is resolved in view of the base/regular shade of your hair and your appearance. Regardless of what the base shade of your hair, you ought to never go in excess of 3 shades lighter than it. For instance, in the event that you have ebony hair, your highlights ought to be a shade of dull dark colored, brunettes ought to go for copper or caramel tones, and blondes ought to choose a lighter shade of blonde. Go lighter than 3 shades and you risk resembling a skunk.

Presently, there are two approaches to highlights your hair. You can get them handpainted into your hair (which is the now well known ‘balayage’ method) or you can go the more conventional thwart course. In this strategy, bits of aluminum thwart are utilized to isolate the segments of hair that are being highlights. This keeps the shading from getting on the encompassing hair and exactly give you the look that you’re going for.

On the off chance that features are lighter segments of hair colored into your hair, lowlights go in totally the other way. They include getting a couple of thin or thick segments of hair and shading them in a shade or two darker than your base shading. Lowlights intend to add profundity and measurement to your hair look. They additionally work stands amazed at influencing your hair to look thicker and for the most part more voluminous. Individuals ordinarily go in for lowlights after they have featured their hair a couple of times and need to include a portion of the shading back to their excessively helped strands.

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Lowlights can be colored into your hair utilizing an indistinguishable shading strategies from highlights i.e. balayage and tinfoil methods.

What Are The Differences Between Highlights And Lowlights?

They may sound similar but there is a world of difference between lowlights and highlights. In many ways, these two hair color techniques are the opposites of each other. Let’s look at some of the significant differences between highlights and lowlights:

Though there’s no rule dictating as such, highlights generally look better on dark hair (like shades of brown and black) and lowlights have a more prominent effect on lighter hair (like shades of blonde and light brown).

When you should be sporting highlights or lowlights also depends on the season. Highlights usually look better with summer styles as they give your hair that perfect sunkissed look. Lowlights, on the other hand, work better during the winter due to their darker coloring.

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