Emiru sans no makeup

Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming services in the world which is owned by Amazon. Twitch is a gamer’s paradise and it brings both gamers and creators to their fans. The idea of watching people play game doesn’t make sense for non-gamers but every month there are more than 100 million people joining Twitch to do that. What would make you surprise is that there are many female professional gamers on the website. They are hot girl gamers with an attractive appearance. Emiru is one of the hottest Twitch streamers.

We always see a charming and sexy Emiru everytime she appears. She always looks outstanding and beautiful no matter she has makeup layers or not.

Some information about Emiru

Many people were curious about Emiru’s age and they are all surprised that she was born in 1998 in Wichita, Kansas. Emiru real name is also a big question because she always has hazy descriptions for her name. However, some people reveal that she is Emily Crunk.

She streams the League of Legends game primarily and is well-known for it. Emiru’s Twitter has ben made since December 2012 and her account has over 150k fans following. She is also a famous cosplayer. Emiru’s Instagram attracts more than 138k followers with lovely cosplay images. The phrases “ Emiru cosplay” and “Emiru ahri” has been widely known all over the world .

Besides, Emiru is also known for her natural beauty. She is pretty and Emiru sans makeup selfies are gorgeous. Are there any secrets behind her natural beauty?

1. Long, naturally straight hair

Do you know thick hair is a sign of health? Without lipstick Emiru still looks so healthy with gentle smile. Some research show that long-haired women are more attractive but it can’t work if you are uncomfortable. In this picture, Emiru is comfortable with her long straight hair and bare face. Even on Twitch, Emiru looks pretty cute without all the intense eye makeup. Don’t you think that Emiru – the pretty girls look more beautiful and awesome without makeup in these gorgeous no makeup selfies? Perhaps do what you feel right and choose long straight hair are the best tips to be an attractive.

2. Comfortable style

It is said that you can be the most self – attractive when you wear comfortable style. The truth is that you and Emiru, as well probably do not have many time to spend on hairstyle or makeup or clothes every day because most of us are busy. To deal with the problem Emiru choose a simple tank top for herself. She is confident with her own look and she dares to embrace her natural beauty. Without the dark eyeliners and mascara, Emiru  Twitch still appears lovely and highlight her natural skin. Instead of going out with luxurious clothes, simple tank top of Emiru highlights her natural appearance, enhances the features what make her unique.

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3. Perfect skin

It is no secret that women look more great with clear and strong skin. Maybe the happy love between Dyrus and Emiru has partly helped her always look beautiful and young like that. Emiru no makeup selfie is an expression of confidence and self-acceptance with her perfect skin. There are numerous reasons for girls feel happy and one of those is that they feel comfortable and confident with their own skin. Look at this picture, Emiru looks so bright and be happy with herself. When streaming game, lol_ Emiru always makes cosplay video and it means that she has to wear a tons of makeup on her face. To deal with this dilemma, she spends her time to relax and reduce the amount of make up when she streams the League of Legends game.




4. Emiru at home

Actually, the image of Emiru no makeup is easily seen when she is at home. Like other girls, Emiru keeps her bare face to keep the most comfortable and suitable feelings. However, alot of women have to be jealous with her bare face because it is too pure and perfect. Emiru has a face which is very balanced and bright even when she doesn’t make up. With white skin, oval face, pink lips and twinkle eyes, she doesn’t look shabby. On the contrary, her beauty gives relaxation and makes other girls look up to.

5. No makeup, no problem

Is it hard for you to relax into who you are and how you look without makeup? I’m sure with you that Emiru is a strong girl who is self-confident to look at herself in the mirror and be proud of her natural look. I’m sure with you that there are numerous reasons to spend your days with a carefree face and no makeup. No eye liner, no lipstick and no face powder, Emiru without makeup still looks lively and we are not able to take our eyes off Emiru.



Can you realize that Emiru looks gorgeous even without makeup in those picture? Makeup can make you look beautiful but you should not believe its power unquestioningly. Emiru’s no make up selfies maybe is one of simple way to promote healthy messages that you look beautiful even without the help of makeup. Be confident with your natural appearance and feel great about yourself. After all, how will you view about natural look? Share with MCSARA in the comments section below!


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