Bob hairstyles are still the most popular style in 2018 – it’s clear that the haircut never goes out of fashion.

Below are some reasons for the question:” Why is bob hair loved and chosen by many girls?”

  1. For bob hair style, you do not worry about when you have this hair cut Spring, summer, autumn or winter because it can suitable for all seasons
  2. For bob hair style, you can choose any length from the long to short hair
  3. For bob hair style, your hair looks good with any hair shade – from brunette to bleach blonde.
  4. You can go for a super slicked back vibe or make amazing retro curls.

Some celebrities are following up bob hair style trend when they appear on famous events

Jenna Dewan: Subtle Ombré

Jenna Dewan appears with her middle center part straight ombre bob. With short hair style, it seems to be that you can choose even the fashionable curly one or basic straight one. Jenna Dewan’s stylist decides to pick the second choice for her. With the straight hair without bang can impress her charming angles on her face. Ombre color is a wise choice to mix the basic simple of short straight hair with the modern ombre colors mixed by blonde and light brown highlights to add dimension and make her look gorgeous

Emily Ratajkowski : Choppy new bob

Emily Ratajkowski used to turn up with long hair style. But for Rata, 27-year-old model, 2018 is the time to change herself for a new suitable looking with a choppy new bob. For this hair style, it can help to look more voluminous and the brown hair color is the wise choice for this choppy bob

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Mila Kunis : Side-parted wavy bob

Short bob is changing a lot of famous stars whose hair was long before. It can help the, look more fresh and youthful. Same as Emily Ratajkowski, Mila Kunis was known for her long hair. But for 2018, her new look turns into with a side-parted wavy bob, which is modern and a lot of other stars, especially Korean stars love that hair style

Jourdan Dunn: Mid-length bob

Jourdan Dunn knows how to style a shorter crop by adding texture to her bob in the form of glossy undone ringlets.

Kendall Jenner : Mid-length bob

The second star for mid length bob is Kendall Jenner. Her tousled mid-length bob is perfect for girls who own thick natural hair.

Hair trend is always changing. It means that if you want to be fashionable, you have to change your hair. Bob style for short hair is popular in 2018 but 2019 will follow other long hair style. For that reason, you make sure that your hair can tolerate any changes.

However, changing too much can cause damage on your natural hair. What can you do in that situation? Hair extension will be the best answer for you. It can fake the hair length and volume effectively without damaging your hair. There are lots of hair extension providers on the market and one of them is Vietnam hair which is a reliable place to provide customers best quality hair extensions which are loved and believed by many female customers

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