Four tips you should apply in the shower with your colored hair

Dying  your hair is such an awesome experience no matter you are a hair dyer virgin or not. Choosing a flawnless color and show your hair like a pride with everyone, so you definitely never want your relaxing showertime is a destroying factor to your hair. Here, we highly recommend 4 do-nots you should always bear in mind when you wash your hair.

#1: Don’t choose the wrong shampoo for your hair

Just have a quick look at your shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom. Are they specially created for your color ? Do their ingredients cause harmful effects for colored hair ? If yes, stop using them immediately.  All you need to do is go shopping and put the sulfate- free products into your cart.

#2: Don’t washing your hair too much

According to senior colorist Erika Szabo , The Arsen Gurgov Salon in New Your City “ The more you wash your hair, the quicker your color fades”. If you have got a dyed hair, remove your ingrained daily washing belief. We suggest that you should have your colored hair washed 2-3 times per week.

#3: Don’t wash your hair at the end of your shower

This is a rule you must know when you step into your bathroom. Get your hair washed firstly and then do other stuffs while still leaving your suitable conditioner on as long as possible. A healthily strong strand of  hair keeps color better than weakend one, so change your way of washing if  you are doing the reverse routine.

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#4: Don’t wash your hair with tepid water

Turing on the warn water button and then washing your hand is not a perfect idea for healthily colored hair.You should just have your hair washed by slightly warm or you choose shampoo delivering rich moisture so that you hair will get power of steam.

By recommending you these four selective tips, we do wish that you will obtain new theropies and your hair always stays colored vibrantly.  For those who want to wear colorful hair yet you do not like to dye your natural hair, you can give wigs a try.

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