You may not forget our lovely Gabriella from High School Musical (HSM), right? Since then, we cannot forget her angelic singing and yet her fabulous looks. That all about on-screen, however, off-screen, we have a chance to see another beautiful Vanessa Anne Hudgens.  By successfully portray the character of Gabriella from HSM, Vanessa has become a popular actress and singer that is loved by many fans. We have amazed by her voice and now by her looks. Owning her dark tone skin, our Vanessa has been successfully rocked out the wavy styles in medium length. Let’s take a look and you may want to give some of these better treats for your medium locks.

Short wavy in brunette

This short styling is one of good way to give you a sassy aura. Having the bob vibe and combining with natural ombré-like brunette wavy texture, her beauty has shined through. This is a carefree hair style that you can try on daily outside door or go to event with right outfit. Short wavy is one of magic hair that suits almost face shape. It’s also easy to form and can colors in any shade of hues. However, this short style needs more efforts to remain. You need to trim out some length regularly to owning this short for longer time.

Layered bob darker brown

This may look fabulous and be a time-taker style to wear. However, this is one of the famous easy textures to form and yet still look stunning. Vanessa has rock out this laid-back style with her sweet smile. This hair style is more in medium length and above shoulder look. To get the big wavy volumes you can try on some hair extensions to support. This is also a shape-killer for all of your face figures, from round to square, heart or triangular. All you need is to cut the end out some time to get out the split end hairs.


Medium length chocolate ombré

On the first glance, her style this time is more of blunt cuts. As her carefree character, Vanessa love the vibes of casual look but still so fabulous. As she keeps her medium and short styles many time, this way of look make her show off her most natural beauty. This casual feel look magically fits on well her styles and the event she attend. This style is perfect for thin hair and round or square face shape. To form in this hair, it may take you just about 10 minutes. It’s recommended to use some smoothing shine, spray or moisturizer to have the shining hair volumes.

 Are you medium length lover?

Medium hair styles are become more and more popular with many ladies. Since getting your hair shorter, your look will be younger; this is an ideal style to hack some of your age. It’s possible even you are now long length or shorter length. By using some hair extensions, you can try on various hair lengths as you wish. We are MCSARA with many high quality hair extensions are your best ways to try on these wonderful looks. Let’s find out more in our website.

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