Be glamorous with three best Taylor Swift’s hairstyles.

Taylor swift is well known music phenomenon in the world. Every time she shows up, she not only melts our heart because of her heart break songs but also her flawless looks. Nowadays, Taylor Swift becomes the model of girls all over the world. One of the important factors to this is her hairstyles. Today article would show you which hairstyles that make Taylor Swift always attractive and gorgeous like this.

  1. Fringe

When talking about fringe, it is said that fringes are almost always suit every shape of face. Each kind of face has each kind of fringe. There are three main types of fringe like full fringe, side fringe and short fringe.

Taylor Swift put on this hairstyle when she newly appeared and built up her reputation. It seems like a legend. Fringe hair cut is a basic hairstyle but when Taylor wore it, it look so charming and gentle. It was very succeeded in showing Taylor’s characteristic at that time. It was a gentle girl following country music.

So if you are a kind of girl who loves tenderness, Fringe is the best choice for you, trust me.

  1. Messy bun

Messy bun hairstyle seems like the favorite hairstyle of Taylor when she went for red carpet event. The messy bun perfectly emphasizes Taylor’s blue eyes and flawless skin. This elegant look that messy brings to her people can’t keep their eyes off her.

You may not go for red carpet like her but messy bun would be the ideal hairstyle for formal event like wedding, birthday party… it never turns you down.

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To make the perfect messy bun by yourself you just need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Flip your head upside down and full your hair into a loose pony tail. Take it easy and put it where you want in your head.
  • Twist the hair and spin it around the center of the ponytail. Then carefully leave the tail out at the end.
  • Tie it with an elastic band and bobby pins

See, these three simple steps would turn you into a different look that makes big impress in others.

  1. Flicks

You could see the most recent Taylor’s hairstyle. She always burns the stage with every single song. And every time she swayed we could see the charming and full of energy in her. The flicks definitely complement her personality and her gorgeous appearance.

Putting on flicks would make you look more active and younger, but not lack of attractiveness.

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