Golden Rules for Taking Care of Short Hair

If you have heard of this tagline ‘’ short hair, don’t care’’, then don’t think it is right. Short hair often suits many types of faces and many people chose them but they still do not have a proper care of it. People knows the basics when they take care of long hair. Long hair might need you to be gentle with it and you should avoid tangles and split ends. However, short hair needs very different care. Therefore, keep scrolling to have more good advices and follow them.

  1. Comb it less frequently

The good choice is to throw away your hair and use your fingers to brush your hair. Fortunately, short hair doesn’t need to be brushed too frequently. Short hair obviously has less tangles than long hair. Instead of combing, brush it through with your fingers is generally enough to shape it. With short hair, fingers are often a better than a brush.

  1. Reduce the heat on your hair

To get healthy hair, find a style that doesn’t need a heat straightener. You shouldn’t use heat tools day by day because they can damage your hair shaft. Also, don’t forget to look after your scalp. You should give your scalp the same effort and time as you give the face skin. Washing your with chemical shampoos can water away the moistures of your hair scalp. So keep it hydrated by using natural hair care products.

If you are in need of a new hairstyle that will require heat-styling tools on your hair, you can choose hair extensions to improve your hair look without harming to your natural hair.

  1. Trim your hair frequently

Trimming your hair on a regular basis not only help you to maintain your shape, but that also prevent your hair from split ends. Going to the hair salon frequently might take you a lot of many but short hair styles, need a little more maintenance than your usual hair cut. Because your hair usually grows about half an inch per month, so you should go to hair salon to have hair cut every three weeks.

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  1. Wash your hair every day

This might sound strange but your short hair needs more regular washing than medium hair of long hair. Hair experts agree that shorter hairstyles usually more shampooing than longer ones because they can become greasy more quickly. If you want to wash your hair every day, thing you should do is investing in a moisturising masque to help your short hair can stay hydrated.

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