Hair care routine daily for men

We might think that only female pay attention to their hair care, but even male have a lot of problem with their real hair. A healthy and good looking hair brings the confidence for men in their business and life. However, if you don’t make any effort in taking care of it in a daily routine, you cannot get what you want. But don’t be worried gentlemen, hair care actually doesn’t take a lot of time as you might think. It is much simpler than you expect.

Step one: Hair combing

This step is often underestimated by men because they have such a short hair compared to women. Therefore, normally, they only wake up and use their hand to do the job instead of using a comb or brush. However, combing your hair will be beneficial as it can stimulate blood circulation as well as make your hair achieve its silky and lustrous look. As a result, gentlemen, don’t neglect this step in your daily hair care routine.

Step two: Hair shampooing

How many times per week that you spend on washing your hair totally depends on which hair type you have. In order to know this, experiment your hair with your current shampoo and conditioner and see how your hair reacts. For example:

If your hair is dry and easy to get breakage, then you only need to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week to avoid damaging it.

If your hair is greasy and oily after a short period, you should wash your hair for about 4 times a week and use dry shampoo on the skip days.

If your hair is not too dry or too greasy, it means your hair is normal and you don’t need to wash it too often, 3 times a week is good enough.

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At the same time, know how to choose the best shampoo is also very important. Mild and organic shampoos are always advised to be used because its ingredients are not too harsh on your hair. Likewise, don’t ignore conditioners. More specific, for oily hair type, mild conditioner is the best and it should not be used near your scalp area because it can even cause more excess oil. For dry hair, use the leave in conditioner to provide your real hair with sufficient moisture. Lastly, normal hair can be pretty easy in choosing hydrating products.

Step three: Hair products

If you need to use hair spray, hair wax and other hair products to style and keep your hair in place, don’t use them too regularly. It is simply because overusing these chemical products can cause breakage and damaged condition to your hair. At the same time, these hair product is considered to be a vacuum that can easily attract dirt on the air.

Step 4: Sleeping time

Choose the best sleeping position to avoid damaging your hair, especially the one who has complex hairstyle such as curly hair. Another note is not to head to bed with a damp hair.

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