Using extensions is always the fisrt solution to get your dream hair comes true in only one night and they can bring an instantly beautiful transformation for every woman. However, how to put on hair extensions for a natural look is not easy as they think. Especially, when it comes to home-hair care, it may need more attention so that they can maintain as long as possible. Therefore, you should take a lot of things into consideration before you decide to buy them.


How to choose your best hair extension

The first fundamental rule you should keep in mind when purchasing hair extensions is how it matches with your natural hair color and the quality of this product.

Make sure you compare the color between two kinds of hair to find the most suitable one. A lot of hairstylists suggest that the Remy virgin human hair would be the best choice for you because it can be styled easily and naturally. Of course, those kinds of extensions are more costly and  some company will mix it with synthetic or animal hair. So, be careful and be a smart consumer.

Once getting the hair extension in hand, remember going to the salon and asking the hairdresser to cut and trim it to fit with your natural hair. By doing that, your hair will be kept on head as long as possible.


How to wear your hair extensions

Remember when you receive your hair extensions you should take them out, wash and rinse off with suitable shampoo and conditioner, then leave them dry naturally.


Then, parting your hair into layers. You should clip the extensions onto the bottom layer, make sure that it gets close to the root as much as possible. Following some suggested steps below:


  • First, brush your own hair thoroughly to get rid of any tangles, then separate a straight thin of hair at the nape of your neck and clip the rest of the hair away by using a hair clip.
  • Brush out the first hair clip before clipping it into your hair from the bottom by using a paddle brush.
  • Measure the weft against your head to make sure the size of the weft will fit perfectly to the section hair.
  • Find the center of your head and clip in the middle clip into the roots of the hair, next clip the left side and the right side.
  • Do next steps as the same with the rest of your hair.

How to care hair extensions

Here are some essential rules for you to maintain and keep your hair extensions as long as possible.

  • Combing your extension gently with a boar bristle brush and do not comb wet hair.
  • Shampooing the hair maximum 3 times/week
  • Using suitable shampoo and conditioner such as sulphate-free shampoo in order to avoid dehydrating your hair extensions.
  • Coconut or almond oil is always highly recommended to get a smooth and silky hair.


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