Hairstyles That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

It’s not easy for women to find a suitable hairstyle that makes us look young, vibrant, and attractive. We need different haircuts at different age stages. Here we recommend five hairstyles to inspire you.

Wavy hair Bob

A soft, wavy hair bob is the perfect look for anyone wanting a more youthful appearance. The soft layer add dimension, while the relaxed waves give the style a more bohemian and youthful edge.

Messy Braid

While braids may seem like a hairstyle that is exclusive to younger girls, more mature women can absolutely pull them off as well. Try a side-swept braid with messy ends to add a sense of youth to your hairstyle.

Long Ombre Locks

Don’t want to say goodbye to your long hair? Update your longer locks with a shorter layer to frame your face. Also, if you don’t want to cut your hair, opt for some color to brighten up your face.

Bangs for Days

There is no better combo than a clean cut, beautifully blended color, and a straight bang! This cut creates the perfect frame for your face, especially with a darker color at the top and just a hint of lighter tones on the ends

The Edgy Pixie Cut

Want to add a bit of edge to your style? Go for a pixie cut with volume at the back and a long side bang. Add some blonde highlights for a bit of rock and roll! This look is edgy and youthful, however, be careful not to go too edgy since it can look overdone and add years to your look.

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