Ideas That You Should Try With Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

    Ponytails are one of the most simple to accomplish hairstyles. You can get versatile looks under simply this one style!

    Moreover, curly hair looks awesome with ponytails as it gives the much necessary bounce. This is the go to look of all hair styles for curly hair. So we should investigate some cute and simple ponytails for curly hair

    Side Curly Ponytail Idea:

    • With curly side ponytail look, take a flat iron and curls the front section of hair.
    • If you have wavy hair, start by parting your hair and hold all of your hair at the side,where you want your ponytail.
    • Secure it using an elastic band and curl the hair in sections.
    • Curl them in two different sizes to create more shapes and volume.
    • Keep the front section loose and let it hang loosely on the face.

    So these were 5 curly ponytail ideas for you to try.

    A High Curly Ponytail:

    • Straighten the first section of your hair and then curls it. Brush out the rest of the hair.
    • Use an elastic band to make a ponytail that sits over the head, ensuring that the back section of the hair (the ponytail) does not weight down the front section of the hair.
    • Apply some gel to keep the fly-a-ways at bay, letting you manage your long tresses.
    • Girls with straight hair can tease the front section of hair and secure it.
    • Use a curling iron (of different barrel sizes) to create some big loose bouncy curls.
    • Apply hair spray to keep the hairstyle intact for long hours.
    • To enhance the look, use accessories like some stone studded clips or hairpins.

    Messy Curly Ponytail

    • For this look, just brush your hair lightly to get rid of any tangles, holding the hair in one hand take the elastic secure the hair using it.
    • Keep the ponytail slightly high one and use a curler to make some curls in the back parts of the hair and some waves into the first section of hair (for people who do not have natural curly hair).

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