2017 was a great year of hair with the major hue was bright one, we would fell in love with the picturesque rose gold hair trend and the perfect blend of balayage never failed to impress people even the hair stylist. But 2018 is already proved to be even better for hairstyle trends. More than a haft of the year has gone by, in this blog post, MCSARA will be glad to provide you some impressive and picturesque hot trend hairstyle for 2018.

Believe us, there’s going to be some natural hair flipping going on with these trending color, cut and hairstyle transformation ideas. No matter what you have long locks or stylishly short hair or pixie cut, get totally ready for some inspiration overloaded?

Shadow hair

2018 is officially the year of dimension when the latest Instagram trends are anything to go by. There are more and more people than ever trying to avoid flat colors for their human hair and hair extension as well, such as the plague, balayage, ombrè to get depth of color. But it’s not all enough about highlights. According to Allure, ‘shadow hair’ is getting more and more popular, and involves adding natural-looking shadows to your natural hair to make your color looks seamless. “‘Shadow hair’ is a new hair-hued trend that mimics the ombré of the former year,” explained by Nikki Ferrara- colorist at Serge Normant at John Frieda in New York City.

Coffee balayage

Who could deny the beauty of this hairstyle trend and its up-to-date hue. There’s a new balayage and we are in love with the concept. Coffee balayage imitates the common technique but using coffee hue from the dark color to the soft shades, combining to creat this glossy hair a tonal dream.

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Fruit Juice Hair

Are you ready for the next hair trend which is able to inspire any beauty lover, it is ‘fruit juice hair’,  a total new hair goals worth trying once. According to Alisha McAlister, she explained that she did not sure what to call this! It’s a mix of blended fruit colors. I started this hair color thinking I was doing a simple base and tone. Then my amazing client surprised me! She said, “I want something different!” So yay for stylist choice night!”. We can be sure that it’ll be a big hit for this summer time .

Ghosted hair

This marvelous look has something so special, can you guess what’s hiding in the shadows of that gorgeous color. Have you ever thought why is it different from platinum or silver? Well, the fact that it is the addition of carbon and oyster white that you might not find out at first glance. This kind of hairstyle would be supper suitable for girls who has bright skin tone and sport appearance.

Generally, if you are a beauty lover, do not be hesitant to try out these trendy hairstyles above by using hair extension supplied by MCSARA!

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