Impressive medium length hair styles of Celebs

Keri Russell’s perfect Waves

Keri Russell owns several of the best hair styles on TV since her Felicity days, but her bouncy waves makes us wonder what gravity-defying feat is happening here. Her hair stylist Brian Magallones has relied on volumizing spray for the bounce which is added. Her stylist makes her waves be curled in two-inch sections. Also, front waves in the left are pinned to her scalp for cooling several added staying power

Rose Byrne’s beautiful lob

An ombre fade is one of the easiest methods to add highlight to a basic brunette lob. That Byrne applies the makeup with auburn cut and vampy lip with her hair style makes her look more and more attractive and mysterious as well

Heather Graham’s excellent Barrel Curls

Soft barrel curls toeing the middle line between ringlets and loose S-waves are the epitome of hair goals. You just make sure that before they’re absolutely cooled, don’t rake through these curls or you’ll pull them out.

Dita von Teese’s ideal Retro Vibe

Dita von Teese has the pin-up look down. What are her secrets to that beautiful wavy finish? They are barrel rollers, hair masks, , hair spray, and a really excellent  layers.

Emma Watson’s splendid hairstyle


With that hairstyle, the beautiful angles on her face can be shown. When you look straight to this hair, Emma’s hair looks like a loose, side-parted ponytail. However, it turns out to be twinkly star accessories and a unique three-quarter up style.


Lucy Hale’s Sleek Center Part

When you become tired with the thought: “what should I do to my hair?”, let apply flat sleek middle part hair style like Lucy. This hair style can brings the feeling of simplicity but subtleness

Ciara’s cute Piece-y Bangs

Ciara looks unrecognizable when she has choppy bang combining with the mid- length bob which was the long natural hair before. But she should make some changes  to feather her bangs for soft effect and fluttery as well.

Rihanna’s fresh high ponytail

If you still wonder how to up your mid-length cut, you can do a high ponytail like Rihanna for a fresh and young look. Moreover, you can curl your hair adding more character for your style

Solange’s Soft Texture

This brushed-out style is to bring out your natural frizz, which is the best styling for any curly hair. For achieving beautiful look like Solange, you can use a wide-tooth comb from the mid-length part to the bottom of your curly hair

Priyanka Chopra’s Pinned-Back Curls

When you’ve got too much hair to know what do, why don’t try pinning back a section of curls hair behind your ear to make you look different

If your hair isn’t long enough to make these styles, you can use hair extension which can add the volume and length of your hair without taking much time.

If you still wonder what kinds of hair extension should you choose, some high quality extension made from Vietnam natural hair or Cambodian human hair…can be your best choices

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