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Let’s get started with 1th question: a friend on Instagram called Genny has asked: “Is curling cream better than lightweight conditioner in your opinion?”

That’s been an interesting question because you may think that they share the same features they are actually different from each other.

You’ll be clearer after watching this video below. Some links of the products are suggested for you:

  • SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie – Australia– USA – UK
  • Boots Curl Cream
  • SheaMoisture Coconut Leave – Australia– USA – UK
  • Cantu Leave in Conditioner

A special thing that we should keep in mind the product preservative levels can be changed if you pour more water. So, this is also an interesting point that you should pay attention to.

When it comes to leave-in conditioner, the mini-size would be highly recommendation. However, make sure that the bottle that you are using must be clear and not be contaminated.

You’ll give you some suggestions of best conditioner products as following:

Shana from Indian asked: “Can you give me the best conditioner products for curly hair in Indian?”

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There are several recommendation for you about natural conditioner products that enhance your hair smoother and healthier than using silicone ones. Because of your natural curly hair they have tendency to be dehydrated and need more moisture so that make sure you have intensive hair care process. Remember to apply conditioner right after rinsing-off shampoo. Those products that I introduce to you are available on some online shop websites.

Q3: You had mentioned about the difference between the leave-in Conditioners and curling cream. So, what are those differences?


Most experts suggested that both of them are hair mask products that provide moisture and deeply nutrients and keep curls shiny and stay beautiful looks. However, leave-in conditioners has the lighter texture than curl cream, which helps the hair softer and keep the hairstyles more manageable.

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