Summer is hot, however; many people still look forward to it since it is time for holiday, time for relaxing with family and friends. To women who love hair beauty, holiday is good time to show their beauty with the support of hair extensions. Nonetheless, if you do not take care of your hair extensions well, they will be damaged during summer by the serve weather conditions. In summer, the demand of going to the beach increases, which leads to the fact that not only your skin but also your hair is affected by sunshine and hot weather. This kind of climate makes you sweat a lot. As a result, your hair is easy to be greasy. This can affect you a lot in maintaining the beautiful look. Moreover, UV rays are considered as main factor of dry and fizzy hair. Therefore, it is very important to protect your hair extensions. To help you stop worrying about your hair problems and enjoy the summer, we suggest some tips for you to take care of your human hair, protect it from the hot weather and sun’s heat in the summer.

Tip 1: Protect your human hair from UV rays

As mentioned above, UV rays damage your natural hair a lot. Your hair is nourished by the natural oil, which keeps it shiny and silky. However, the heat and direct UV exposure make the natural oils evaporate from your natural hair. This is why it is dry and fizzy during summer. To protect your hair from UV rays, remember to wear a hat if you are under the sun. Moreover, you even can apply hair sunscreen to take care of your hair.


Tip 2: Take care when swimming

Going to the beach is a popular activity in summer. You can relax a lot there, however; your natural hair and hair extensions can be spoiled if you are careless when swimming. Because the water contains chlorine and salt which are not good for hair, you should keep it from water as much as possible. Wearing a swimming cap is a good way. In addition, after going swimming, it is highly suggested to wash your hair immediately with fresh water and apply hair conditioner.

Tip 3: Moisturize your hair

Because your hair is easy to be dry and frizzy, it is necessary to care for it by providing moisture. Applying natural oil is a good idea. Some kinds of natural oil are highly recommended such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and so on. After washing your hair, apply natural oil over it during a certain time. This way can help your hair keep moisture and be smooth.

Tip 4: Limit the heat appliances

In summer, your hair has to suffer from the hot weather, therefore; limit the heat appliances as much as possible. For example, in stead of using hair blower, you can let your hair dry naturally. This will reduce heat effect.

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Above are some tips for you to take care of your hair well during summer. The hair plays an important role in boosting your appearance. Do not let summer prevent your hair from looking fabulous.

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