There is a certain trick to having a beautiful hair day, every day. It knows your face shape and what flattens it.

Having a round face means that your face measurements are pretty close together. To do this, measure your forehead, cheeks and jaw size. If these measurements are the same size, you have a round face shape.

You will also find that you have a fullness at and below your cheekbones and the width and length of your face is the same. People with round faces will often notice that they have wider hairline, less obvious chin and their necks often seem short.

  1. Side bob

A combination of bangs and bangs, brings focus to the eye and draws attention horizontally, ensuring the roundness of the face shape is not the main focus. Touch length is just below the chin, usually the most flattering point for round face shapes. (If you have a round face and long hair, your layers should not be shorter than that.) On this short hair, the classes nibble on the cheekbones and determine them beautifully.

This bobbing style makes the style look almost asymmetrical, which is a great way to focus off the symmetrical circle of the face shape. The shorter layers work on this length as it keeps texture and bulky as seen here. Again, the length of touch is just below the chin. Shocking perfectly for round face.

  1. Asymmetrical lob

An asymmetrical hair is slightly skewed, making it a perfect finish for round face shapes. Asymmetry breaks the uniform width of the round face and allows for center shifting. Slightly longer than one side of the jaw, often with a deep (but not exclusive) side, this long bob length is the ideal vessel for a stylish cut like this.

Adding a few inches on one side will give this lob more personality. If you’ve rocked a lobe like the rest of the world then it could be a single length that fits all lengths, this subtle asymmetry will help you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Shaggy with fringe

This new Shag has been enjoying the attention of the past year, and we still love the softer, more layered hairstyle. The face layers break a round face for the illusion of a thinner silhouette. The focus is put on the eyes, lips and cheeks. The bangs are not only the best cherry color on top, but also the most flattering thing for a round face.

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For a round face, the middle margin has a protruding portion on the sides of the forehead and the cheekbones will be flatter than straight, bangs. These bangs, along with the layers of touches just below the chin, help extend the face.

  1. Waves

Beach waves are the perfect style for those with round faces. These curls add the illusion of length while the big charming curls create the illusion of width – thus making the face look rounder!

Drew Barrymore is known for his beautiful round face, often because this appearance creates a more angular perspective.

A middle part is one of the easiest tricks to counter the round face. Basically, by dividing the hair here, the way your hair falls will create a pull-down effect, making your face look longer. Soft waves also give the hair a bit of a flutter. So when cooperating with a middle part, soft waves flow down your face rather than out, making it look more rounded.

Are you impressed by these beautiful hairstyles? If yes, try on. We believe that you can completely find the most suitable hairstyle which gives you the most gorgeous look.

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