There are many beautiful women who have long gorgeous face shape. If you are a little longer than the width, the right hair and style can flatten the shape and highlight your best features.

Some of the best hairstyles for long faces are long shoulders with face waves, curls or highlights. You can also go short or long, choose yourself a bob and keep it sleek or sophisticated as you want. If you add volume on either side or cut in some bangs, you can also make your face look rounder or shorter.

Let’s check out some of these hairstyle in this article with us. These will definitely give you more ideas for your next cut and style.

  1. Side-swept bangs


If you have a long face but are lucky with straight hair, thin bangs or bangs can be used to create extra width and more fun for every look. These hairstyles will aim to create an illusion of shorter faces because they cover the big foreheads that are often seen on long faces. The volume will aim to make the face look a bit wider, thus providing a great look for long faces. This is one of the famous and flattering hairstyles for long faces and you can also try it because it’s so easy to maintain.


  1. Shoulder length


Perfect hair length for long face is straight shoulder length hair. It should be cut into long layers. The shortest layer should end on the chin and frame your face while highlighting the bone structure in the jaw line. It looks very formal and ideal for the workplace. You can also take this look on some official functions or gather together. This hairstyle is one of the famous long face hairstyles.

  1. Long bob

If you plan to keep your hair short, chin long bobs are perfect for you because they create illusion of width and look very charming. You can also choose a long A-Line bob, keeping the back part about 1 1/2 inches shorter than the front.

  1. Fringes



Like bangs, the edges of fringes also help to make a long forehead. If you game for it, try the blunt thick edge. Take it super straight up to the eyebrows and get ready to turn your head. When you go, you can keep your hair long and straight.

  1. Get it curl or wave


Although long hair is not recommended for long faces, but this can be changed if you have curly or wavy hair. It adds volume and width to the sides of your face and looks very feminine.

*** Note for long faces:

  • If you have short hair, don’t go for short classes with extra volume on your head. It can only increase height.
  • Avoid leaving your hair too long that will only lengthen your face.
  • Too little hair length will also be a disaster. Find the perfect balance
  • Remember, just because something looks good to others does not mean it will also suit you. Understand your face type and shape to get the perfect hairstyle and look like a million dollars with almost no effort.

Hopefully this article will help you get the most beautiful hairstyle for your natural stunning long face. Enjoy and have fun.

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