Some people believe that washing hair daily is a suggested way to remove dandruff and better for their hair however, it is a totally wrong idea. Shampooing your hair every single day will make hair dryer and weaker, especially the thin hair, the locks is more likely to fall out.

So, what should you do if you aren’t confident with your hair because that day that haven’t washed your hair yet. Dry shampoo might be your first idea that you come up with, but in this news I will recommend you some hairstyles that make you more attractive and different are super easy and time-saving.


Half-Up Half-Down



You may get familiar with half-up ponytail hairstyle, half-up lob or bobs will be another variation of this trend. Hailey looks super chic and sporty with this haircut. Don’t worry with the hair length, just let half lower hair free.


Double Buns


Festival season is no longer the only time to try on this trend. You could wear it Half-Up Half-Down also. Ariana Grand has been an avid fan of this hairstyle.





This is one of the simplest ways to refresh yourself on the second day. You can separate hair into 2 parts and plait it and let it loose.



Throw your hair up will be the best choice for you if you haven’t time to wash hair. Spray a little leave-in conditioner or any kind of chemical hair treatment, then tie with a messy bun.

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A deep side parting


For the second day hair, this hairstyle will give you a beautiful look. Remember to apply a little oil to keep it in the same place for all day long.

The classic pony


If you are frustrated with frizz and flyaways this hairstyle idea will be the most suitable for you to soothe your hair in shape.

Tousled wavy


Frankly, to get a tousled hair but, a little messy and beachy waves, it is quite difficult. Especially, on the second day your hair might be flatter, limper and greasier. Therefore, the best way to bounce your tousles waves lies on the right hairspray product.

Chignon bun


It seems this styling trick is the most effortless and time-saving trick. When wearing this style, you will leave the opposite the feeling like an elegant princess. At evening party, you will be gorgeous in your night out.

Plaited ponytail


Braided ponytail might be the latest hairstyle trend of this fall. Wearing a ponytail and lower braid with a bit messy and out of place will be perfect for every busy day.

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