12 inches Bulk Romantic Curly hair Black color


12 inches Bulk Romantic Curly hair Black color

Being a woman, hair becomes an essential part of the beauty process. It’s always great when you have the chance to experience different hairstyles, discover different looks to choose the best suitable hairstyle. However, styling too much will cause hair damage, if it is not taken care of properly (well, most people are too lazy to properly care for their hair) the hair will become weak and lack of vitality. Understand these concerns of young ladies, as a true extensionsist, MCSARA always offers the ultimate in realism, flexibility, and longevity with Bulk hair extensions, including 12 inches Bulk Romantic Curly hair Black color.

As the name of the hair texture, 12 inches Bulk Romantic Curly hair Black color will bring you the most romantic look than ever!

  • Hair type: 100% Remy human hair
  • Texture: Romantic Curly
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Longevity: 2-3 years dependent on the application
  • Application: Wig-making, braiding, and fusion
  • Wefting: Hair is completely loose and held together by a string

What is a bulk hair extension?

Bulk hair is the very first product collected from the female. It is a bundle of natural hair with no weft and is tied by an elastic band or big hair clip. Bulk hair is used to create other types of hair extension such as weaves, wigs, frontal, etc. or for braiding and Brazilian knotting techniques.

How to use bulk hair extension?

  • To create a weft hair extension: The hair producers will use a particular machine to spread the hair bundle evenly and then bond them into a strip by a specialized sewing machine. Depending on different producers, the process may be a bit different but in general, those are two basic steps to make a sew-in extension.
  • To make a wig, frontal, closure hair extension: From a bundle (or several) of bulk hair, the workers will hand-knotted each strand of hair into a panel of lace. The smaller and the more hair strands are knotted down, the more naturally the wigs are.
  • Directly apply on the head: Instead of using Tip hair extensions, many people like to use bulk hair extensions to add length and volume for their hair as they can customize the thickness and length of hair strands by themselves. To do this, they will let each strand be flat, and then use heat and keratin glue to stick them on the scalp.

How to take care of bulk hair?

To keep the bulk hair in a good condition, it is very necessary to preserve it in a clean and dry environment. You also should hang the bulk with a hook to retain the texture of hair be in the same direction.

Limit the exposure of hair to the winds to avoid being tangled and lost. Do not expose your bulk hair to direct sunlight as the sun can cause hair-dry and reduce the longevity of the extension.

Don’t comb bulk hair extensions too often as this may lead to more hair loss. Make sure to check the knots frequently because they are made manually and could be looser from time to time.








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