14 inches Frontal Curly hair Light Brown color


14 inches Frontal Curly hair Light Brown color

MCSARA is the biggest hair extension wholesale. During 5 years of establishment and development, MCSARA has continuously manufacturing and exporting the premium hair extensions to some big market such as the USA, Russia, Brazil, etc. Our products are trusted by many people around the world not only because of its high quality but also because they are very easy to install.

Product description

The frontal hair extension must be familiar for professional hair extension users due to all of its advantages.

MCSARA’s 14 inches Frontal Curly hair Light Brown color is made of 100% Remy human hair of Vietnamese women, guaranteeing to give you the most natural, soft and silky hair, no mix with synthetic hair or animal fur. Our virgin hair is high-quality, therefore ensuring doesn’t have any lice or insects.

One special thing about MCSARA’s 14 inches Frontal Curly hair Light Brown color is that it is 100% handmade. It means that each hair strand of an item is hand-knotted into a piece of lace by our skillful worker. This process allows us to make sure all the hair knots are strong and avoid hair-shedding.


Many people like wearing our curly frontal as it will bring them a romantic appearance and make them look more brilliant. MCSARA’s curly texture is now available in 4 types: deep curly, loose curly, Fumi curly and romantic curly.


Light Brown is a tone color that is preferred by a lot of girls as this color is suitable with all skin tones and very easy to dress up with clothes in different styles. Our Light Brown tones have 4 particular colors for you to choose from #6, #8, #12 and #27


14 inches Frontal Curly hair Light brown color” allows you to style your hair in different fabulous medium hairstyles.


  • The true Vietnam human Remy hair
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Natural look
  • Affordable price


  • Need a proper hair care routine
  • Need specialize shampoo and conditioner
  • The extra tape is recommended

Using and treatment

There are several ways to install a frontal hairpiece. It can be sewn onto an anchor braid in your natural hair or glued at the hairline with an elastic band or by using a specialty lace wig tape.

To maximize the longevity of your lace frontal hair extensions, you have to take care of it properly, especially when washing it. If you take good care of them, a real human frontal hairpiece can last up to one year. Following these steps whenever you wash your frontal hair extensions:

  1. Comb hair gently and dip it into the warm water
  2. Clean hair with shampoo, it would be better if you use specialized shampoo.
  3. Wash the hair gently without twisting it
  4. Let conditioner sit in the hair for a few mins
  5. Rinse the hair with clean water
  6. Detangle it one last time and finish.








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