1. Introduction

We are MCSARA – The top Hair extensions Export Company of Vietnam.  We are proud to be the one who bring first-rate hair products to people around the world. Our products 14 inch weave hair extensions are 100% Vietnam Remy hair and 100% Human natural hair. We provide various types of hair extensions with many textures and large range of colors. Those will be manufactured as right as your request.  We focus on the quality of each products and each customer’s pleasure is our priority. It’s our responsible to bring you happy time of using our high quality hair extensions.

2. Products description 14 inch weave hair

Our 14 inch weave wavy hair extensions black are careful selected Vietnamese hair for its full-bodied surface, which creates a characteristic wave when washed. In addition, it has a perfect thickness which guarantees a consistent, practically imperceptible outcome, and also being absolutely flexible to include volume, shading flashes and attractive full-length. Wavy hair extensions are made by pure material which firms naturally, no shedding, tangle-free, silk-like with balmy fragrance. Our wavy hair extensions have a durable lifespan, easy to storage and maintain.


The wavy style is shaped by a hot steam technique without any chemical related. This technique completely makes a natural wavy for these hair extensions. Natural Wavy hair extensions are available in length of 6 – 32 inches, weight about 100g/bundle. They are available in various ranges of colors from light shade to dark shade that will suitable for your own requirement.

Your hairdo can totally turn to the better state when using our 14 inch weave hair extensions. Due to chemicals-free method, our wavy hair expansions can blend in impeccably with your own natural hair. They are awesome to add volumes to your thicker marvelous hairdo. And will bring out the most appealing appearance that nobody can even acknowledge you are using it.


3. Strength and weakness

MCSARA 14 inch weave hair extensions are most trendy texture and favorite using by many of our customers. Knowing properly of our strength and weakness of these hair extensions, they will be a good way to shorten your time for looking the need one. Then, you can take care of your hair extensions properly and make them last longer than expected when you have a better understanding of our products.

  • Strength:

– 100% Human Hair, no chemical related, no dyed

– Lengths available: from 6 inches to 32 inches generally

– Various types to choose: bulk, weft, tape, tip, clip-in, closure, etc. with different range of colors.

– Unprocessed, without nits, lice and insects

– Durable, flexible, no shedding, tangle-free

– Natural wavy, easy to form in different styles, simple to take care, long lifespan

  • Weakness:

– Need to proper care  treatment to long-lasting time period

– Because of natural hair, the wavy forms may be loosen by time just as your own natural hair

– Recommend to have professional touch to have perfect install


4. How to use

Machine weft hair from MCSARA is made by sewing hair with the weft. This way creates weft hair and also names as sew-in hair. To apply these weft hairs you need to braid your hair in cornrow style. Just braid the areas that need to apply the weft hair. Then by hand sewing method, the hair can stay strongly with your cornrow braids. In the meantime, it’s safe to your natural hair.

14 inches weave hair extensions

Wearing our 14 inch weave hair extensions, your real hair will have chances to become and turned out to be longer more grounded hair. You can achieve a level of hair length and quality that you always dream of. Weft hair extensions are safe way to transform your hair. Just by a few steps to apply in your own growth hair. In any case, you can show up with numerous appealing hair styles without any concerned.



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