16 inches tape hair extensions dark brown color



  1. Introduction

There have been many companies which work as hair product suppliers in Vietnam recently. MCSARA is proud to be one of the most prestigious units to bring customers the most beautiful hair extensions. Our hair extensions is famous because it is not only just self-explanatorily gorgeous but also in high quality.

16 inches tape hair extensions is one in our tape hair collection. It is as beautiful as real alive human hair and also very affordable.

  1. Product description

16 inches tape hair extensions is the hair which is 16 inches in the length, as long as shoulder length hair. The hair is short enough to make you feel comfortable and long enough to make you look girly and feminine. It is attached with some tape in order for convenient application.

16 inches tape hair extensions is totally remy hair with full cuticles remained. It is also arranged in the same direction, so it is very soft, smooth and glossy with no tangles or shedding. The hair is cleaned very carefully to remove short hair, dirt or insects it might have. It is also very easy to use.

MCSARA offers hair with many standards and types of hair extensions. Alongside with tape hair extensions, the company also has clip in hair extensions, tip hair extensions and machine weft hair (also known as weave hair). Every type of hair is offered with many textures such as straight hair, kinky hair, yaki hair, curly hair, romantic curly hair, wavy hair, body wavy hair and so on. Due to the level of difficult process of each texture, it will cost differently.

16 inches tape hair extensions has many color and lengths for you to choose. When it comes to hair hues, we have many colors available. Some dark shades are black, brown, light brown while some bright shades are blonde, yellow, light yellow and highlight hair. Besides, customers can choose whatever color they can think of the hair. We try our best to make the right hair color for them. In terms of hair lengths, additional to 16 inches, we provide hair with lengths varied from 6 inches to 32 inches.

Tape hair is made of 100% Virgin human hair with no mix of synthetic hair or toxic chemical. All of the hair taken from Vietnamese women who have never experienced hair dyed or bleached before. Their hair is kept virgin with natural hair-care products. After taking the hair from donors, it will be brought to the factory for making hair extensions.

Most of the time, straight texture is remained the same with little processing while for curly hair and wavy hair, we have to curl and steam it. We always try to reduce using chemical as much as possible when produce the hair extensions.

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% of Vietnam human hair with no chemical
  • No tangles, no shedding and no insects inside
  • Natural and good looking with healthy smell
  • Easy to apply and take along


  • Need to take good care of it
  • Should buy more tape for replacement
  1. How to use

Tape hair extensions is one of the most convenient hair extensions that can be usef easily. Mostly, people apply tape hair extensions in the back part of their head. First of all, you take a part of hair on the top of hair and make a ponytail there. Then you apply the hair under the ponytail. Finally, loosen the ponytail to cover up the hair extensions.


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