22 inches tape hair extensions brown color



  1. Introduction

MCSARA is one of the biggest companies in Vietnam that work as hair suppliers. We have been providing the most beautiful hair extensions all over the world. Our products are not only just beautiful but also very affordable. That is the reason why we have partners in many demanding markets such as America, Europe, Africa and Latin America…

Amongst our hair extensions, 22 inches tape hair is well-known for its medium length and naturalness.

  1. Product description

22 inches tape hair extensions is the hair which is 22 inches in the length and attached with some tape in its top. This makes it really convenient and user-friendly. The length is supposed to be beautiful enough for anyone to use because it is not so long and also not too short.

The tape hair is totally remy hair with all cuticles remained and it is also arranged in the same direction. Therefore, it is so smooth, soft and glossy with no tangles or shedding. There will be no insects inside the hair as it is cleared out all the dirt and perspiration.

22 inches tape hair extensions is classified into some hair standards namely single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Single drawn hair is the hair which has both long and short hair in the same bundle. It results in the fact that the hair will be thicker in the top and thinner in the end. Double drawn hair on the other hand has almost same length hair and is equally thick.

Tape hair is now available with many textures and colors. When it comes to hair textures, we have three main textures such as straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. Straight hair has natural straight hair, kinky straight and yaki straight. Curly hair includes deep curly, romantic curly and fumi curly hair while wavy hair comprises of natural wavy, body wavy and water body wavy. It terms of color, MCSARA offers many colors such as black, brown, light brown, blonde, yellow, mix color, highlight whatsoever. Customers can require any hair shades that they think of, we always there to help.

22 inches tape hair extensions is made of 100% Vietnam human virgin hair which has nothing to do with toxic chemical. All of it is natural with no mixed synthetic hair. Our hair extensions is taken from those Vietnamese women who have little hair processing experience like dying or bleaching. In fact, they often use natural-based products to take care of their hair.

Usually, we have to process to make kinky, yaki, curly and wavy hair extensions. It is curled or kinked by machines and put into hot steam for hours to keep its shape. The tape will be attached later when the hair has been formed. The lengths of hair extensions are from 6 inches to 32 inches. The hair will be divided into bundles which weigh about 100 grams per each.

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam virgin hair with no toxic chemical, no mixed synthetic hair
  • Good looking, stay-in-place and fit-in
  • No tangles, shedding or insects inside
  • Affordable and convenient


  • Need to take good care of it
  • Should have extra tape for replacement
  1. How to use

Tape hair is very easy to use. All you need to do is just take a part of your hair on the top of your head. Make a little ponytail there.

Apply tape hair on the lower part of that ponytail in the back of your head.

Loosen the ponytail so that your hair will hide all the tape.



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