22 inches U-Tip Wavy hair Blonde Color


22 inches U-Tip Wavy hair Blonde Color

Whenever you want to add length and volume for your real hair, MCSARA will get you to start with premium hair extensions, including 22 inches U-tip Wavy hair Blonde Color.


MCSARA’s 22 inches U-tip Wavy hair Blonde Color product is made of 100% Remy hair of Vietnamese women, thus all hair cuticles are kept in the same direction. Therefore providing you the soft, silky and smooth hair extension.

With 22 inches U-tip Wavy hair Blonde Color, hair are linked together by high-class Keratin Tip imported from Italy into a U-shape. The bond is very durable so you don’t have to concern about hair shedding.


Wavy hair will increase your girly and arrogant. This texture is available in 4 styles: Body wavy, deep wavy, water body wavy, and Fumi wavy.


Blonde gives a royal feeling. With 22 inches U-tip Wavy hair Blonde Color, we bet you will look fancy and radiant than ever.


20 inches U-Tip Straight hair Blonde Color brings you the medium hair. MCSARA offers you different choices of length, from 6 inches to 32 inches.


  • 100% Vietnam Remy hair
  • No tangle, no shedding, and no lice
  • Affordable price
  • High-quality keratin
  • Safe for health


  • Difficult to put in, may need help from professional hairdressers

Using and treatment

The applying process is quite complicated requiring you ask for the help of professional hairdressers. To begin, the stylists will part your hair into many small sections – which should be in a V shape and an equal amount to the size of the U-Tip. They will then use a hot applicator to melt the keratin tips and glue it on the hair strand-by-strand so that it is placed just before your scalp to evade burning the head. The whole process will take you about an hour or a half.

Take care of U-Tip hair extension in the same way as you did with your natural hair, you can use the hair care products as you normally use. However, as your real hair will grow, making the extension move further down from the scalp, you will need to re-position them every few weeks.





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