1. Introduction 26 inch weave hair

As one of the leading companies in Vietnam that export hair extensions, MCSARA provide to clients around the world with the high quality hair products. We also provide to people around the world various chances to have a more attractive good looking hair styles. With the aiming of making good time using our 26 inch weave hair extensions, MCSARA create the quality hair extensions in superlative level that favorite by many ladies.

2. Product description

Weft hair extensions from MCSARA are customers loved pure-made hair product. Our 26 inch weave hair extensions are 100% natural Remy human hair sources. These hair extensions are totally natural that there is no shedding or tangle. With the silky outlook, weft hair extensions are being favorite choices of many girls. 26 inch weave hair extensions have been marked as first rate products. They are all simple to store or remain. The hair extensions are smooth with nice balmy aroma that will catch all the attentions no matter where you attend. Your hair will be outstanding with the most charming look.

Without any chemicals containing, MCSARA weft hair extensions are pure and no harm to any people. We create a wide board of hair extensions in different style of textures or colors. If you love curly and even deep one in dark shade, or next time want to wear on natural straight with bright vibes, all are possible. We have been supplied hairs in many types as: weft straight hair extensions or weft curly hair extensions and so on.

26 inches weaves hair extensions

Our weft hair extensions are available in many length sizes that can fill up your wish of having dream hair. From short as 10 inch weft hair extensions to 30 inch weft hair extensions, all are free options for you to choose. As becoming the fashion trend hair, MCSARA weft hair extensions are one of ladies first choices. When it comes to protecting your own growth hair but still earn to put on others fashion hairstyles. 26 inches weave straight hair extensions black will be the best solutions for taking good care natural hair and still get another natural hair. With weft hair you can styles in many ways and leave out all the worry of harming your growth hair.


3. Strength and weakness

As a hairstyles lover, you cannot deny the ultimate benefits of using weft hair extensions. Getting a new fresh wonderful appearance will be much easier with our 26 inch weaves hair extensions.  However, everything has two sides. Knowing some weak and strong sides of the weft hair will give you a better time using these hairs as well as taking good care for longer time of utilizing.

  • Strength:

– 100% Human Hair, no chemical related, no dyed

– Machine weft hair is sew in length of 1 – 2 meters optional

– Lengths available: from 6 inches to 32 inches generally

– Various types to choose: bulk, weft, tape, tip, clip-in, closure, etc. with different range of colors.

– Unprocessed, without nits, lice and insects

– Durable, flexible, no shedding, tangle-free

– Natural wavy, easy to form in different styles, simple to take care, long lifespan

  • Weakness:

– Need to proper care treatment to long-lasting time period

– Because of natural hair, the wavy forms may be loosen by time just as your own natural hair

– Recommend to have professional touch to have perfect install

26 inches weaves hair extensions

4. How to use

Machine weft hair extensions are also called as weaves hair or sew in hair extensions. The weft styles are made by sewing machine. We create them by sew hairs in a weft. The weft hair extensions then will be installed to your own hair by sewing. Sewing the weft in your closes scalp braid will make them link strongly and stable as your own grow hair.

While using the 26 inch weave hair extensions, you still can grow out your own natural hair. As a natural hair sources, you can style or dye the weft in many ways that you like. You will get chances to let your natural hair growing longer and get to better state. With weft hair extensions, you will appear in more elegant and charming styles of your dream.








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