28 inches tape in hair extensions blonde color



  1. Introduction

MCSARA is one of the biggest companies in Vietnam which work as hair wholesale suppliers. The company was founded for years and provided beautiful hair products to numerous people in the world. Our products are supposed to be the natural-like, gorgeous and high-quality hair extensions.

Amongst many hair products that MCSARA supplies, 28 inches tape hair extensions is the stunning hair which is not only beautiful but also very affordable.

  1. Product description

28 inches tape hair extensions is the hair which is 28 inches in the length and is attached with some tape on the top. The tape here is to help customers to apply it easily. The hair is one of the longest hair extensions in our company alongside with 30 inches and 32 inches hair.

28 inches tape hair extensions is totally remy hair with full cuticles remained and is arranged in the same directions. As a result, our hair is so soft, smooth and glossy with no tangles, shedding or insects inside. In fact, it is really stay-in-place as we have secured it with the tape.

28 inches tape hair extensions is classified into standards such as single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Basically, single drawn hair is the hair which has both long and short hair in the same bundle, which makes it thick in the top and thin at the end of the hair. The other two standards have almost the same length hair and the same thickness.

The tape hair is also offered with many textures and colors. In terms of textures, there are three main ones namely straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. Each texture of the hair may cost differently since it is different in the production. When it comes to color, MCSARA offers many colors for you to choose from. It can be black, brown, yellow, blonde, mix color and highlight whatsoever. Any colors are welcomed.

28 inches tape hair extensions is made of 100% human virgin hair with no mixed synthetic hair and no chemical substances. It is all natural with all features preserved. Our hair is taken from Vietnamese women who have little experience of dying or bleaching their hair. Actually, they often use natural-based products to care for their hair, for example, locust.

After taking the hair from donors, we start to make hair extensions. Most of the time, straight hair will remain the same while kinky hair, wavy and curly has to be styled. It is curled and kinked by machines and then put into hot steams for hours to keep its shape. The tape, tip or clips in will be attached later on. Hair will be divided into small bundles which weigh about 100 grams per each.

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam human virgin hair with no toxic chemical
  • Natural looking, good looking and stay-in-place
  • Easy to apply and bring with you
  • Affordable to everyone


  • Need extra tape rolls for replacement
  • Good care needed for longer use
  1. How to use

Tape hair is one of the most convenient hair extensions of all. Therefore, it doesn’t take much time to apply it.

First of all, you take a part of your hair on top of your head and make a ponytail there.

Second, apply the tape hair extensions into the lower part of your hair by gluing the tap into your real hair.

Finally, loosen the ponytail to cover up the root hair and tape on your hair.


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