30 inches tape in wavy hair extensions piano color



  1. Introduction

There have been more and more companies working on supplying hair extensions in Vietnam. MCSARA is lucky to be one of the leading companies in this field. We have provided a countless quantity of hair products to other countries. We are in partnership with many countries such as America, Spain, The UK and so on.

30 inches tape hair extensions is the beautiful hair extensions that we provide. It is very long and gorgeous that will definitely satisfy you.

  1. Product description

30 inches tape hair extensions is the hair which is 30 inches in the length, which means it is very long compared to other lengths in our stock. It is attached with tape in one head so that users can apply easily.

This tape hair is completely remy hair with full cuticles real hair features remained. All the hair strands are arranged in the same directions, so it is very smooth, soft and silky with no dirt or perspiration. Besides, the hair is cleaned and combed perfectly so that there is no tangle or shedding.

Tape hair, as well as other types of hair extensions, is classified into standards namely single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Single drawn hair is the hair whose length is not equal. There are short strands and long strands in the same bundles. Double drawn hair has almost same length hair which is equally thick in every part of the hair.

30 inches tape hair extensions is one in our tape hair collections. Alongside with tape hair, MCSARA also offers machine weft hair, tip hair, clip in hair extensions. All of these are available with various textures and colors. When it comes to hair textures, you can choose kinky hair, yaki hair, curly hair, fumi curly or body wavy hair and so on.

In terms of hair hues, you can choose any colors that you can imagine. It can be black, brown, yellow, blonde, ombre, mix color or piano color whatsoever. MCSARA is open to all colors that customers request.

30 inches tape hair is made of 100% human virgin hair with no toxic chemicals and no synthetic hair. It is all natural hair which makes you look not only just gorgeous but also good for your health. It is donated by Vietnamese women who often have long black hair. Thanks to their diets and routine that their hair grows quickly and strongly.

The hair will be brought to our factory to make hair extensions as the order of customers. It would be much easier to make straight, bulk hair compared to other hair textures and types. For curly and wavy hair, it has to be curled and kinked by machines such as irons or round irons before putting on hot steam. After that, it is divided into bundles (about 100 grams per bundle) and attached tape, tips and clips in.

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam remy virgin hair with no chemical and no synthetic hair
  • Good for your health, appearance, and confidence
  • No tangles, shedding or insects
  • Affordable


  • More tape rolls needed
  • Should take good care of it
  1. How to use

Here’s what you have to do with tape hair extensions:

  • Take the part of your hair on top of your head and tie it up.
  • Apply hair extensions by securing the tape into your real hair.
  • Loosen the tied hair so that it hides all the tape and root hair.


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