MCSARA, at the position as the leading company in the field of producing and exporting hair extension, is proud to be the most prestigious address to find to have a perfect alternative for enhancing the thickness and length of hair.

Among different types of hair extensions, Weave is known as the most permanent and seamless way to add length and volume for hair as this type of hair extension is sewn onto your real hair and cannot be fallen out. This is also the reason makes Weave become one of the most popular hair enhancement methods used by many women.

Product description

Weave hair extensions of MCSARA not only are versatile in textures, colors, lengths but also offer the most affordable prices.

Each bundle of Weave is made by sewing the real human hair into a 1-2 meter long strip while every knot is strictly monitored to ensure the secureness and minimizing the shedding. The hair is 100% unprocessed thus the hair cuticle is saved and run toward the same direction, avoiding being mess and keep hair undisturbed.


Just like the name, the Natural Wavy texture will bring you the best natural beautiful appearance. Also available in Deep Wavy, Body Wavy, Water Wavy, and Fumi Wavy.


Black is always the timeless color that is chosen by many hair extension users. The color has always remained its desirability thanks to its convenience and never-outdated feature.


Weave Natural Wavy Dark Brown color is available in different lengths from 6 to 32 inches, offers you multiple options to add length for your hair.


  • The true Vietnam human Remy hair
  • Reusable
  • Worthy of the price
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No tangles, no shedding, no synthetic


  • Complicated to wear, require the help of professional hairdressers

How to install weaves hair extensions in your hair?

It is quite complicated to apply wefts onto your head and you may need help by an experienced hairdresser, as it is a very technical and difficult application that needs to be sewn in by a professional. Your natural hair will be braided into cornrows first, then the stylists will use a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid or cornrow. This is a very long process (usually takes several hours). The tight application method often puts a strain on the scalp and you may feel very heavy or uncomfortable.

How should you treat your weave hair extension?

Although Weaves may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, this type of hair extension is still popular since it’s the most permanent and seamless, as the hair is literally sewn into your own hair and cannot come off. They can last for a very long time if shampooed, conditioned and looked after properly.

You should moisturize the scalp, the nape and edges of the hair at least once a week and don’t forget to use deep conditioning products. You also should wash the hair with special protein products to minimize damage and weakening of the hair.


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