6 inches tape wavy hair extensions



  1. Introduction

MCSARA is one of the most prestigious companies which work on supplying Vietnam hair products to other countries in the world. The company was founded for years and worked with many partners internationally. Our Vietnam hair extensions is becoming more and more common to consumers.

Among many of our hair extensions, 6 inches tape hair extensions seems to be the most suitable hair for many people out there thanks to its beautiful features.

  1. Product description

6 inches tape hair extensions is the hair which is 6-inch in the length and attached with tape in the top. It is the shortest hair extensions that MCSARA offers to our customers. Alongside with 6 inch tape hair, we also have other lengths of hair so that you can choose the most suitable hair extensions.

The hair is totally remy hair with full cuticle and it is put in the same direction. That is why our hair extensions is so smooth, soft and glossy with no tangles or shedding. We have cleaned the hair very carefully, so there is no dirt and perspiration there.

6 inches tape hair extensions can be in different hair standards such as single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair. Single drawn hair is the hair which has both long and short hair in the same bundle. By this it means, the length of strands are not the same, so it results in the different thickness of the hair. Double drawn hair and super double drawn hair on the other hand contain hair with same length and same thickness in the top and end of hair.

Tape hair is supposed to be one of the most convenient hair to use. The tape which is attached at the top of hair helps you secure it into real hair easily. However, we also have other types of hair namely clip in hair, tip hair including I-tip, U-tip, V-tip and Flat tip and machine weft hair. All of these are offered with three main textures: straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair and all kind of color.

6 inches tape hair extensions is made of 100% Vietnam human virgin hair with no chemical related. The hair is complete organic that has been grown by Vietnamese women with their nature-based haircare products. The long, black hair, after collecting, will be cleared and removed short hair away. It is taken into the factory in order for styling and processing.

Basically, MCSARA doesn’t do much with our straight hair extensions like curly hair and wavy hair extensions. The hair will be selected meticulously and then curled and steamed to form the styles that customers require.

  1. Strength and weakness


  • 100% Vietnam human virgin hair with no mix hair
  • Natural looking, stay- in-place and fit-in
  • No tangles, no shedding and no insects
  • Easy to use


  • The tape needs to be used carefully so that it lasts longer
  1. How to use

6 inches tape hair extensions is one of the most convenient hair extensions supplied by MCSARA. It is often applied in the back part of your head so that the tape will be hidden perfectly. First of all, you take a part of your hair in the top of your head, make a little ponytail there. Then, apply tape hair on the lower part of that ponytail. Finally, loosen the ponytail so that the hair will cover up the tape.


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