1. Introduction

Coming as one of the most top quality hair suppliers in the market, McSARA have being high evaluated by customers around the global. We have being brought hair extensions through 4 years of experiences. By bringing the very great ways that can give ladies over the world more appealing hairdos. McSARA has been proud with our high rate 6 inches weave hair extensions as well as services in conveniently.

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2. Product description

McSARA 6 inches weave hair extensions are customers choices whenever wanting to get a pretty hair in a pretty fast ways. Our weft hair has been sourced by 100% Human Remy hair. Since the hair is natural Remy, they are durable with no tangle or shedding. The Remy weft hair extensions are natural human original, so that they get totally no harm for any user. Our weft hair are also can use in easy way at the same time can store simply by some basics steps. Earning a wonderful elegant hair looks are more possible with McSARA human hair extensions.

6 inches weave hair extensions

With the passion that unchanging through years, we formed the weft in many diversity kinds. They are shinning, smooth as your real hair. We can create a wide range of hairs in numerous ways. Just by natural methods, we have wavy weft hair, curly weft hair or just natural straight hair. All are easy to find in various shades of color. Choosing weft hair extensions will be your very first step to lay on the wonderland with uncountable fabulous charming hairstyles.

McSARA 6 inch weave hair extensions black will broaden your choices of getting various hairdos. With the weft hair, we have all the length from short to long as 10 inch weft hair extensions to 30 inch hair extensions. As one of best quality human natural hair sources, our weft hairs are silky soft yet trending in the fashion. Using weft hair extensions will open your way of achieving any long length of your dream stunning style.

3. Strength and weakness

As one of the top hair products that searching by customers, weft hair extensions are taking the lead now. By understand its strong and weak points; you will have the ability to using 6 inches weave hair extensions in the most effective way.  Your weft hair extensions will have longer lifespan and remaining in good conditions.

  • Strength:

– 100% Human Hair, no chemical related, no dyed

– Machine weft hair is sew in length of 1 – 2 meters optional

– Lengths available: from 6 inches to 32 inches generally

– Various types to choose: bulk, weft, tape, tip, clip-in, closure, etc. with different range of colors.

– Unprocessed, without nits, lice and insects

– Durable, flexible, no shedding, tangle-free

– Natural wavy, easy to form in different styles, simple to take care, long lifespan

  • Weakness:

– Need to proper care treatment to long-lasting time period

– Because of natural hair, the wavy forms may be loosen by time just as your own natural hair

– Recommend to have professional touch to have perfect install

6 inches weave hair extensions

4. How to use

We create the 6 inches weave hair extensions by sewing the weft with the hair. To apply these weave hair, you can do it by yourself or treating by professional. We always recommend to have perfect installation by professor done. You will achieve a new look that no one can realize you are wearing hair extensions. With our weft hair extensions, having countless ways to wear on stunning attractive hairdos will just in your hand reach.


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