How to properly blow your hair

Dry blowing hair is thing that most of do regularly which is a huge improvement over older models. People often hold a belief that blow drying hair is very harmful to your natural hair; however, with technology that defies frizz and the ability to dry your tresses faster than ever, owning a good-quality dryer doesn’t have to hurt your hair. But in anyway if you don’t know how to blow your hair then it will probably damage your hair somehow. Whether you use yours to seal in curls, or your main mission is to get your mane as straight and glossy as possible, there are right and wrong ways to blow dry your hair.

So to avoid potential damage, follow these steps to get a great blow-dry that doesn’t harm your hair.

First of all, never forget to use a product designed to protect your tresses from heat. It could be a serum, spray, moouse or cream, but never skip this step. Be sure and apply it regularly when you intend to use heat on your hair and apply it in sections so that all your hair is covered.

Secondly, let your hair dry for a while then blow your hair, don’t begin blow drying as soon as you step out of the shower. After applying your heat protectant, let your hair air dry until it’s about 50% or more dry. Then you can use the blow dry after that. It’s a way to protect your hair from getting damaged so you should adhere to.

Next, don’t dry the entire head at a time, part your hair in sections to get the best results, especially if you blow dry to straighten your hair, you must dry in small sections. Hair clips are essential for this task.

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Apart from that, instead of using a comb, start to use a round brush for straightening. Getting the hang of the two-handed technique takes some practice. Even if you never get as skilled as a professional in this area, it’s still a good method to cultivate. Fristly, focus the dryer nozzle on the top of a hair section, and place a round brush underneath. Quickly move the dryer and brush at the same time down the length of the section. You may need to repeat this a couple of times, but this is a great way to straighten lengths. That’s how you do it.

Besides, if you don’t need your tresses to be super-straight, particularly if you just want to relax your curls a little, a tension blow dry is a gentle alternative. It will make your hair less expose to the heat when you do the blow drying. At the same time, turn on the cool mode when you dry your hair instead of the hot mode to protect your hair the best.

It takes practice, but once you learn how to handle your dryer and tools, your blow-out can look as if you just stepped out of the salon.

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