Rihanna’s Gorgeous Hairstyle Ideas

If you used to be fascinated by Rihanna’s strong and power voice, you will be attracted many more times by her stunning hairstyles. She possesses a huge collection of sexy and gorgeous hairstyles that will make cannot move your eyes from her. Keep scrolling and enjoy yourself when seeing them. Maybe you can get your favorite ones to try out!!

  1. Voguish Side-swept Long Curls

So sexy she is in this side-swept hairstyle. Rihanna looks extremely fresh and stunning in this curly hair. Even though she is without her iconic cherry red color, she is still shining in this bright hair color. You can do this hairstyle on any occasions and it will help you get everybody’s compliments. For those who have any hair issues, wearing hair extensions in this hairstyle is a wise choice.

  1. Sophisticated Medium Straight Haircut

The medium length hair will be different if you get this haircut like RiRi in this pic. Even though this is a classic hairstyle, it still has its hot. In this style, you will look really girly and stylish. The most beautiful feature in this style is the side-swept bangs. The straight hair that works as fringe frames Rihanna’s face shape perfectly, and the tapered ends give her an airy look. Accessory of this hairstyle is a couple of big earing like RiRi in this pic will complete your look perfectly.

  1. Sexy Ombre Loose Curls

The loose curls always give a sweet look like this. You don’t need to hesitate to go for this hairstyle because of its modern and fashionable look. This loose curly hair will suits any face shapes because the long fringe will works well to frame your face. Rihanna is really sexy and pretty in this hairstyle. It is clearly that wearing hair extensions in this curly hairstyle will be a good options because it can make your hair voluminous and shiny.


  1. Layered Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Rihanna does not usually show up in this long straight hair.  This is such a great transformation of her. Also, the blunt bangs make her very alluring. And if you don’t want to use heat to natural hair, straight hair extensions can be your goof choice.

  1. Asymmetric Short Haircut

I would give her a ‘’wow’’ for this bold and modern haircut. Not many artists can do it as her- suits many styles of both long hair and short hair. The distinctive asymmetric haircut and the bright color really make RiRi outstanding from the crowd and give her a fashionable look.


Nowadays, long hair or short hair is not a problem to worry about anymore. If you follow Rihanna and get fascinated by her collection of hairstyles, you can get whatever you want with the support of hair extensions. Having been in hair industry for 25 year, with those experiences, MCSARA Extension Brand are proud to bring to you high-quality Remy hair extensions. Our Vietnamese hair extensions can help for people to achieve their best looks and improve their hair look.

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