How to Take Care of Human Hair Wigs?

As I’ve evolved in my experience of wearing wigs as my protective style, I’ve become more aware of the importance of care for them.

I first began my journey wearing synthetic half wigs to get accustomed to wearing a wig. To be honest, I was terrified and fearful of them not looking authentic, so I decided to try out human hair wigs.

Switching to human hair wigs completely changed the game for me. Not only did my hair look more authentic on my head, but the more I took care of them the more the texture and durability lasted.

I’d like to share five ways you can care for your human hair wigs as the precious jewels they are and get more for your coins.

You didn’t spend all that money for nothing girl!

Human Hair Wig Made with the Vietnamese Straight Hair, 22 inches


Wig Washing Alternatives

There are two alternatives to extend your wash time in between wears, and that is: wearing a wig cap and utilizing dry shampoo!

Who would have thought you could wash your hair and skip the water part?

Rocking a wig cap underneath your wig helps to absorb the natural oils from your scalp and hair strands instead of your wig cap reaping all the oily dirty benefits. Wearing your wig cap is good for your natural hair anyway by keeping those natural oils locked in.

Using a dry shampoo helps eliminate the labor of doing a full shampoo on your wig. Simply spray the dry shampoo inside of your wig on the actual cap versus the hair and voila!

Condition Your Wig!

Conditioning helps maintain your wig’s ability to be managed, to be free of tangles and to be free from looking raggedy.

While the hair is still wet, add a quarter size of conditioner, preferably something containing a fatty oil to help with the shine and softness of your wigs like coconut oil or Organ oil, to the palm of your hand working it through your wig with your fingers.

Once you’ve used the conditioner, allow it to sit at least 5-10 minutes and most importantly, rinse with cold water. Rinsing with cold water allows the hair cuticles to close, locking in all the goodies the conditioner provides..

Styling Your Wig!

To maintain that healthy look when using any styling tool, especially heat, you can never go wrong with applying a protectant. Before applying this product and using any tool, please make sure your hair is dry!


The worst two things can happen when and if your hair is not dry and using heated tools is: the desired style will not last and most likely won’t be retained well and just simply damages the hair. It’s always great to use products that are very lightweight and tailored for human hair wigs.

Important Human Hair Wig Tip!

Applying too much heat to the base of your wig can cause shedding and hair strands to loosen from the wefts.

Storing Your Wig!

Don’t be lazy and just toss your wig to the side. Care for your human hair wig not only consists of styling, shampooing, and conditioning but also how you store it away when you’re not rocking it.

It is always best to store your wig away from any type of heat. Storing your wig away from heat is a vital key to the care of your wig especially if it is colored.

Now you may wonder how to store your wig while on the go. A secured container or freezer storage bag will help your wig maintenance while you travel.


Think of your wig as an investment, considering the bag you just dropped for it!

But also look at it as an investment to prolong and benefit the growth of your natural hair all the while keeping your wig protected. With this kind of investment, you get a good return, but you have to maintain the proper care for what you have invested in.

I believe the better you care for your human hair wig, the more you realize the high value it has.

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