Take care of Vietnam curly hair extensions

Vietnam Hair is one of the most popular hair type in the market.100% Vietnam virgin hair weave is thick, soft, silky and lustrous in texture, no smell, no shedding and tangle free. Vietnam virgin hair weave in a variety of different textures including: straight, wavy and curly. You can choose different Vietnam hair bundles types by own hobby to restyle your hair. The bundle deals virgin hair hold curls extremely well and blends very well.

Vietnam virgin hair is reported to have minimal shedding, but a normal amount of shedding for curly textures. Because of its virgin curly hair texture, this hair requires lots of moisture and maintenance. Each day you will need to activate the curls with a water/conditioner mix and condition it with a moisturizing conditioner often.

Some tips to maintain Vietnam curly hair weave:

Alway wash your wavy weave on a mannequin head . This gives you finish control over the system as opposed to guessing in case you’re washing it accurately.

Utilize a cleanser for dry/harmed hair or for artificially treated hair if the twists are not normally from the benefactor.

Never brush wavy hair weave when it’s dry. Brush just when wet and just with a Denman brush or better still a wide tooth brush. You can utilize an expansive tooth brush when it’s dry yet don’t brush it more than twice in a day – an excessive amount of brushing causes shedding and frizzing of your wavy weave.

Never utilize items with mineral oils on your wavy weave. A water based cream that can be splashed is ideal.


Try not to fix the hair more than twice every month as this can harm the hair – in a perfect world don’t rectify it at all as its human weave hair and will break with delayed extraordinary warmth. On the off chance that you do rectify, utilize a low warmth setting and never utilize a blow dryer.

We hope those tips can help you. Continue to follow us in order to update the hottest hair trend of this year!

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