Three homemade methods of styling naturally curly hair

Naturally curly hair is always the dream of every girls. However, the expensive cost of styling hair makes the femininity have to hesitate to go to the salon. Let try 4 simple homemade methods of styling naturally curly hair in just one note.

  1. Naturally wavy hair

The wavy hairstyle is always among the top of the guidelines for styling naturally curly hair at home.

This is a naturally curly hairstyle that is popular with many girlfriends because it gives a feminine look to their face. To make this hairstyle, you only need to wash your hair as usual, dry it gently and brush it with a thin comb. When your hair is still wet, gently divide your hair into 2 to 4 equal parts and braid hair into 3 parts and tie them by elastic. If you prefer big curls and naturally light curly hair, loosen the fringes of your hair. Spray some glue to keep the braid in order or keep the hair tied for several hours or overnight. Wake up in the morning with a few gentle brushes, you will have a naturally wavy hair. 

  1. Naturally curly hair at the tips

If you are completely impressed by curly hair at the tips of K-pop stars such as Suzy or Krystal, you would love to do the following simple steps. Moisten the hair with a spray and then gently wipe it with a soft tower and brush it with a thin comb in order to keep the hair from tangling. Divide the hair into 2 equal parts, twist the hair into a round bun and tie it with an elastic. Have your hair tied through the night and in the next morning, you will have a naturally curly hair at the tips without using heat.

  1. Styling naturally curly hair with pencil

You do not have to pay expensive cost for one time of styling hair in the salon, just with a pencil on the desk, you have a surprised method of styling naturally curly hair. Use a comb to brush hair gently and divide hair into many parts. Take each small part of the hair, stretch it straight and place the pencil into it. Apply spray quickly through the hair so it is easier to curl. Wrap hair around the pencil once, if your hair is too smooth, you can use elastic to tie the tips and hold for 3 minutes, then remove the hair and continue to spray the glue to keep the curls. Do the same step for the remaining hair, and hair is still not as attractive as you’d like. Finally, after having hair braided for 15 minutes, remove hair, and the hair will have beautifully natural waves. This hairstyle is very suitable for thin hair girls.

You definitely can own instantly naturally curly hairstyle without having to use curling products and hot rollers at home. With these devices, you will have 1001 natural curls within just one “note” for maximum comfort and ease. It is noteworthy to apply attar or nutrilites into your hair before styling to ensure reducing the damage caused by the use of heat to hair. Let try these hairstyles mentioned above to be shiny in summer days.


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