Tips to care for your Remy hair

It is the fact that you can change any styles of Remy hair just as you would your own due to remarkable hair features of these products. However, you still need some important care considerations if you want to keep that Remy hair product beautiful and shiny as long as possible. McSara will help your to better care for your Remy hair extensions as followed.

The very first thing you should keep in mind is to keep your Remy hair clean by washing it. In order to keep it free of odors and pollution, you should wash your hair extension at least once a week. If you just have styled your hair recently, washing hair also help styling residue. Do not wash hair many times of a week because that can have bad effect on your Remy hair .

When you wash your Remy hair, there are several things you need to consider. Firstly, before washing hair, you have to make sure that your Remy hair is tangle free. You can use a wide tooth comb to brush hair slightly and patiently until your hair is smooth and free of tangle. Make sure you Start at the ends and work your way up to the top of your hair. Brushing hair pieces while wet is the thing you have to avoid if you want your hair is not suffered from damage. Secondly, while you are washing your Remy hair, using your palms to agitate your hair in a downward motion is recommended. Due to the ability of causing the open cuticles to rub against each other and become damaged, you should avoid scrubbing or bunching your Remy hair. Finally, after washing hair, adding a couple drops of pure coconut through the hair while wet will contribute to moisturized and shiny hair.

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Frequent dying can damage the hair, but it does not appear to harm your health. Most studies indicate no link between cancer and hair dyes, and in other studies the evidence is weak, the American Cancer Society says. Consider using acetate-based dyes or natural dyes such as henna.

Perhaps you have a beautiful natural black hair extension but always dreaming of having a charming modern blonde one like famous star or a blonde who wants to go darker. Changing hair style or hair color is loved by girls for making their appearance always different in front other people. However, for better hair days, the best thing you can do is – nothing. All the tugging, combing, brushing, drying, and chemically treating of hair damages the shafts. Even vigorous towel-drying can damage hair. If you have damaged hair, take a break from styling. As the damaged hair grows out, the new growth will be healthy. You should be aware that extreme color can cause damage to your hair extension if you do change too often. Some dermatologists recommend staying within three shades of your natural hair color. If you love changing your hair color, let choose different colorful extensions which are available to avoiding human hair problems.

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