Victoria Beckham having her haircut on the way to the People’s Choice Award

Vicitoria Beckham has been the VIP in the fashion industry. She is well-known for her exclusive dressing style and has influenced many people’s sense of fashion.

Recently in the People’s Choice Award where she was appointed to Fashion Icon Award for her contribution in the field. This is absolutely no surprise as she is so talented and unique every now and then.

The interesting part of the story is that she had a new haircut on the way to the show in a car. Can you believe that? Yeah, it is true. Let’s keep reading to find out more.

Just a couple of minutes before coming to the show, Victoria Beckham had her hairstylist, Ken Paves, cut her hair right in the back of her moving car. This kind of risky action of her seems to be reckless and dangerous somehow. However, it was completely successful giving her a new appearance.

Based on the Instagrams stories of her, we can learn that they were not just cutting the hair. They did do the makeup in the care as well. To be specific, these two actions were happening at the same time. Before the haircut, she has an undone ponytail hairstyle. Then, her hair got shorter, simply tied in the back and had some tendrills along her ear sides.

Victoria Beckham’s makeup artist at the same time also had work to do. She had to put the makeup on her face while the car was moving and she was having scissors on her hair too. This is kind of risky, isn’t it?

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Thankfully, it seemed that the result was completely worthy. She looked so gorgeous in the red carpet of the People’s Choice Award in her white blazer and her matching pants which were designed by herself. It was perfectly mixed with her black high heels. Wasn’t she stunning? I strongly believe that little do people say she is 44 years old with this exclusive style.

Are you finding this interesting? Or are you planning to do the same thing as Victoria Beckham did? Alright I am just joking around. Hairstyle is very important to women, especially those who are as looking good as VB.

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